Traders reopen shops defying lockdown in Rajshahi

Published : 22 Apr 2021 09:38 PM

Traders of RDA market, the largest market of Rajshahi City, have reopended their shops and business establishments from Thursday morning by defying the ongoing 'lockdown'.

It is learnt, on Wednesday morning, leaders of RDA Market Traders Association declared to start a street agitation and movement from Thursday morning demanding to reopen the market. But, instead, they reopened the market from 10-00 am on Thursday.

On Thursday morning traders at RDA market informed they have no way to survive except reopening of the shops and to sell the goods. Their shops remained closed for a long time. 

Specially, during this holy month of Ramadan, they are poised to starve with their family members though this is the best season of their business and the Eid-ul-fitre is also knocking at the door. That is why they want to recoup their loss by reopening their shops and selling goods.

It is learnt, after reopening the shops, some customers were also seen to bargain to purchase goods from the shops. Most of the shops of the market and shops at adjacent footpath remained open though doors and shutters of many of the shops were kept half-open.

A salesman at Hafiz Store informed, they joined their duty as per the directives of the owner of the shop. However, the number of customers was scanty in the shop, he added.

Yeasin Ali, owner of Oishi Collection said, they have reopened the shop from the morning by maintain strictly all health rules. There was not enough customers in the shop. He claims, they have no way to survive except reopening the shops because the banks were charging interest of the loan even during the lockdown. 

'We are paying taxes to the government even during this period of pandemic. Still, our shops are closed. All our businessmen have turned paupers during this lockdown period that is why, we have reopened our shops by following strict health rules. We demand to the government to give us an opportunity to continue our business during this Eid period', claimed Yeasin Ali. 

Mohammad Nadim, owner of Chandni Matching Corner said, 'We are already doomed. We are hungry during this period of Ramadan and the ensuing Eid. We plead to the government to allow us to keep the markets open during the Eid period.'

Masuda Khatun was seen to carry goods in bags. She said, finding the shops open, she purchased some necessary goods from shops at RDA market. Another customer Bristi Khatun was also seen to purchase goods from the market.

Meanwhile, Deputy Commissioner of Rajshahi Abdul Jalil said, traders reopened the shops of RDA market on Thursday morning. After hearing the news, he held meeting with the business leaders of the market and after discussion, they agreed to keep their shops closed till next April-28 and they also pledged to follow the government rules and regulations. No Magistrate has been deputed to close the reopened shops. However, the traders of RDA market themselves closed the shops after 2-00 pm on Thursday.