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Toyota Land Cruiser stretches out in long-wheelbase rendering

Published : 02 Jun 2019 04:33 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 05:59 PM

The current generation of the Toyota Land Cruiser debuted back in September 2007. While it received a few facelifts and a number of different versions for markets around the world, it carries over largely unchanged and soon will be retired. It is believed a thoroughly updated Land Cruiser will debut towards the end of 2020 and will still use a steel ladder frame. But what if Toyota decides to launch one last special long-wheelbase edition of the model as a final hurrah? A new rendering from our colleagues at tries to answer that question.

Of course, the attached renderings are based on the latest facelift of the model which means the virtual car here features the new sleeker headlights and highly modified fascia. The longer rear doors in combination with the elongated rear quarter panels create an overall profile that somewhat reminds us of the Infiniti QX80 but that’s not to say it doesn’t look good. The rear overhang has been extended giving the Land Cruiser LWB a more balanced appearance and our Russian colleagues say they imagine the large SUV with a third row of seats.

Naturally, such a massive high-riding fortress on wheels deserves a large engine and what better powertrain than the 4.5-liter V8 diesel that’s offered for the model in some markets. It has plenty of torque (479 pound-feet/650 Newton-meters) and is significantly more efficient than the gasoline V8 options in the range. Some additional goodies inside the cabin, like a rear-seat infotainment system and an HVAC control cluster for the third row of seats, would make this Japanese SUV one of the most comfortable and spacious cruisers on land.

Just as a reminder, Toyota showed the Land Cruiser Heritage Edition in Chicago earlier this year. Sales are scheduled to begin soon and the automaker plans to produce just 1,200 examples of the limited edition model.

Anthony is editor at motor1