Tourists walk with joy on open beach

Published : 19 Aug 2021 09:13 PM

After remaining closed for about four and a half months due to the Corona epidemic, the tourist spots including Cox's Bazar beach were opened in the second phase from Thursday following the health rules. 

With the opening, the crowd of tourists on the beach is increasing. The sea shore has become a popular destination for tourists. Tourists are immersed in the salt water of the sea. 

Hotels, motels, restaurants and businesses have been redesigned to welcome tourists. Hawkers and small traders of various professions on the beach have returned to the organization of their lives. It's like a reunion of joy and excitement. 

Tourist police and lifeguards have started working to ensure security. Lifeguard workers rescued 6 tourists who drowned in the sea yesterday. The shops in the beach area are open and the traders are sitting. Everything has been opened in line with the government's decision to open up the tourism sector to all in a risk-free manner, including renting 50 per cent rooms in compliance with 100 per cent health regulations. Observers are being kept from the district administration to see if the health rules are being followed. The Deputy Commissioner distributed masks at various points of the beach.

Cox's Bazar is the longest beach in the world, where tourists come from all over the country for entertainment. However, tourist spots, including beaches, are closed due to the global epidemic. In the second phase, all the tourist centers including the beach are being reopened in accordance with the health rules from August 19. The government announced a lockdown from April 1 this year to combat the second wave of corona. 

Similarly, the district administration closed all the entertainment centers including Cox's Bazar beach. Since then, tourists have refrained from visiting beaches and recreation centers. However, the government decided to open the tourist and recreation centers from August 19 in compliance with the health rules. A notification in this regard has also been issued by the Cabinet Division. 

All tourist centers, hotels, motels, guesthouses, resorts, community centers and recreation centers have been set up using 50 per cent seats in compliance with the health norms. However, after a long 4 months and 18 days, everyone is happy to open the beach. 

Alhaj Omar Soltan, president of the Cox's Bazar Hotel Motel Guest House Owners' Association, said 50 per cent of the rooms in our hotels would be rented in compliance with 100 per cent hygiene rules.

On Thursday at 11 pm Deputy Commissioner Md Mamunur Rashid visited the Cockati point of the beach. 

During this time he distributed masks and carried out public awareness campaigns on behalf of the district administration. Apart from this, various organizations also urged the people to walk on the beach following the hygiene rules.