Tourism master plan to be completed by December

Build sound infrastructure to attract more foreign tourists

Published : 30 May 2022 07:54 PM

It is encouraging to note that the country's first ever tourism master plan would be completed by December this year. The master plan was supposed to be completed by June last year but due to the pandemic it is scheduled to be completed in December. 

It is apprehended that the much-awaited master plan will play an important role in flourishing country's tourism sector attracting more inbound and domestic tourists. The government framed the plan in such a way so that the development of the tourism sector contributes to the economic transformation of Bangladesh and help the country achieve Sustainable Development goals (SDGs). We hope the master plan will help create a distinctive brand image of Bangladesh as a popular tourist destination before the world. 

Tourism industry of Bangladesh can 

play an important role in boosting 

the country’s GDP

Even though we often take pride in the abundance and richness of our natural beauties, it is saddening that tourism industry of the country has long been neglected. As a consequence, despite having a number of new but potential tourist spots, tourists usually go to Cox’s Bazar, Saint Martin’s and Sundarbans. But beyond these popular and familiar ones, there are a number of new and potential tourist spots that have remained unexplored. A number of new tourist spots are emerging in the hill and beach areas of Chattogram and Cox’s Bazar, vast forest areas of Sylhet and Sundarbans, thanks to social media for helping us explore new tourist spots. But most of these spots remain undeveloped due to lack of proper tourist guidelines and catalogues to promote division-wise tourist spots. Also, there is no concrete plan and target to encourage foreign tourists to visit and explore new tourist spots in Bangladesh.

It is good to note that many private tourist agencies and social media groups are working to revive the country’s tourist industry, and popularize the untapped tourist zones. To this end, departments concerned including Bangladesh Tourism Board and Tourism Ministry should work hand in hand to identify, develop and promote new and potential tourist spots. We believe, working together the tourism industry of Bangladesh can play an important role in boosting the country’s GDP.

Most tourists consider safety and security, accommodation, transportation, adventure, wildlife and natural attraction etc. as the most important issues. Therefore, sound infrastructure should be built in the new and potential tourist spots to attract more tourists. Also, necessary steps should be taken to provide the tourists with other logistical support.