Tourism boom in hilly regions

New plans underway

The tourism sector in the hill tracts region is steadily on the rise. The region has become a major attraction for travelers, both local and foreign. This is creating economic opportunities for residents of the region.

Social media has played a part in increasing popularity of hill region destinations, as more people are made aware of the wild beauty of the hill tracts. The area is especially popular among young, adventure-seekers. Despite not having electricity and running water in some places, the hilly region is rapidly gaining attention from tourists all over the country and even from outside.

The number of visitors to the hill regions will increase substantially if the government encourages further investment in the region. Moreover, the area needs infrastructure development as well to become more accessible for tourists. 

The region has become a major revenue

 earner for the government,

 particularly in the winter months

The government has already taken the initiative to supply electricity and clean running water to the region, which will be available from January of next year. The government should also prioritize the economic development of the indigenous population of the region. The indigenous people are unable to expand their business due to restrictions from the government level. 

Currently, Bengali-owned businesses have the majority of the market share. The government must prioritize the development of ethnic minorities and support their businesses. There are plans to construct a platform to highlight the diverse cultures of the hills. Dance performance focusing on the folklore of the Chakmas will be showcased, and other cultural events will be added as well. This will help people to get acquainted with the culture of small hill ethnic groups.

The government is also going to establish a cable car in the hill district of Khagrachari. This will undoubtedly add to the attractions of the hilly region. The region has become a major revenue earner for the government, particularly in the winter months. The government must help to expand the tourism sector in the region.