Tougher law to recover khash land

Strict monitoring needed to stop illegal occupation

In Bangladesh, illegal occupancy of khash land is a common phenomenon. Local influential quarters use all means of deceptions to occupy khash lands illegally.

Therefore, it is good to note that in order to bring these land grabbers under tougher punishment and to save the khash lands from being occupied, the government is going to enact new laws to bring the illegal occupants with provision for stringent punishment, including jail and fine.

More workshops and proper training should be

 conducted so that land officials become more 

aware of their duty regarding land grabbers

Along with the dishonest, powerful and influential people, a section of some of the corrupt officials have also joined them to grab khash lands by forging documents, which is blatant to say the least.  It is said that the new laws will help the government to stop these forgeries. It will also give mobile courts more power who fail to take any action on the spot because of their power limitations.

However, new laws are not enough to stop illegal occupation of khash lands. Strict and consistent administrative monitoring is needed in this regard. Most of the country’s khash lands like agricultural, non agricultural and water bodies are still unidentified. Government should take more measures to identify them immediately.

More workshops and proper training should be conducted so that land officials become more aware of their duty regarding land grabbers. Measures should be taken to minimize the influence of the local power blocks and officials in the committee who exercise corrupt practices. A well developed land management and land distribution system is the need of the hour.