Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies In Bangladesh

Published : 17 Sep 2021 12:26 PM | Updated : 03 Nov 2021 09:01 PM

Compare to other industries, the pharmaceutical business in Bangladesh is quite significant to the national economy. 98 percent of Bangladesh's pharmaceutical demands are met by this business. 

There are around TK 13,000 crore worth of pharmaceutical products available on the local market in Bangladesh, while the foreign market is estimated to be around Tk 650 crore. In Bangladesh, the pharmaceutical sector is growing at a pace of more than 9 percent. More than 269 small and big pharmaceutical plants exist in Bangladesh today, of which 169 produce medications regularly.

The majority of people in Bangladesh go to the pharmacy and get drugs for any business. Although whose medication is superior is a mystery, and they have no idea who makes it. These are the top 10 pharmaceutical businesses in Bangladesh, which will help you learn more about the finest pharmaceutical firms in Bangladesh.

Our  Top 10 Pharmaceutical Companies In Bangladesh

01. Square Pharmaceuticals

As the largest pharmaceutical business in Bangladesh, Square Pharmaceuticals Limited (SPL) is the greatest pharmaceutical company in the country. The firm was founded in 1958 and currently operates in various nations across the world, including Bangladesh, where it provides high-quality services. Samson H. Chowdhury founded the firm with the aid of three of his buddies.

Since 1987, Square Pharmaceuticals has been selling a variety of antibiotics and medications to foreign countries. These include nations in Europe, Asia, Central America, Africa, and South America as well as Australia and New Zealand. The firm employs around 7390 people.

People can get high-quality and healthful medicines at fair rates from Square Pharmaceuticals. To ensure that the interests of shareholders, stakeholders, and society are protected, they adhere strictly to laws and regulations governing company management.

02. Incepta Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

As one of Bangladesh's leading pharmaceutical firms, Incepta Pharmaceuticals Limited is a leader in the industry. In 1999, the firm began its exodus from Dhaka, and it hasn't looked back since. It is led by Abdul Muktadir, who is the chairman of the board. A huge number of medications are produced in Savar and Dhamrai, which are 35 and 53 kilometers from Dhaka respectively.

Every part of Bangladesh, whether rural and urban, is served by the company's goods. A total of 23 big distribution centers exist for Incepta, which is responsible for distributing items throughout the country. A total of 67 nations throughout the world get the company's produced medications.

For example, Incepta Pharmaceutical Ltd. provides a wide range of medications, including capsules and tablets, nasal sprays and eye drops as well as lotions, gels, creams, and ampoules. Since its inception, Incepta has worked to fulfill the unmet medical requirements of the Bangladeshi medical community by developing new and creative solutions for them.

03. BEXIMCO Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

This firm is a subsidiary of Bangladesh's Beximco Group, also referred to as Beximco Pharma. The firm was founded in 1976 and began operating in 1980. Nazmul Hasan Papon is the company's Managing Director. An area of 22 acres has been set aside for the firm manufacturing facility near the capital city of Dhaka.

There are a variety of dosage forms produced by Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd. These include tablets and capsules as well as liquids and creams for intravenous use, suppositories, ointments, and ophthalmic drops, as well as metered-dose inhalers, sterile eye drops, and high volume parenteral.

Over 500 items are now available, spanning a wide variety of therapeutic sectors and high-tech specialty products are offered by the firm. The company's medications have been approved by regulatory agencies in the United States, the European Union, Australia, Brazil, and Canada, among others, and are currently enjoying great success on the global market.

04. Opsonin Pharma Ltd.

Opsonin Pharma Limited is one of the major pharmaceutical companies in the industry. The firm was founded in 1956 and has been growing ever since. Abdul Khaleque Khan is the founder of the business. Opsonin is Bangladesh's fourth best-selling medication. An industrial complex for the firm has been built on 500 acres of land beside the Krittonkhola River.

The company's highly trained, competent, and professional employees, as well as its sophisticated machinery, have made a substantial contribution to the country's healthcare industry. Nevertheless, the firm strives towards worldwide contributions in the health care field. At the moment, Opsonin has created 270 brands utilizing 670 SKUs as Pharmaceutical Finished Products (FPP).

05. RENETA Limited

One of Bangladesh's most well-known and respected pharmaceutical and animal health product firms, Reneta Limited, is located in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. 1972 marked the company's transition to Pfizer Limited. It's led by Sayed S Kaiser Kabir, the company's CEO. In 1993, Pfizer Limited transferred control of the firm to local Bangladeshi shareholders and renamed it Reneta Ltd.

One of Bangladesh's major pharmaceutical companies, Reneta Limited is one of the country's largest pharmaceutical companies. Animal health products are one of the company's most well-known items. Through its 10 production plants and 3 manufacturing locations, the firm creates its products. 19 big depots are used to transport items around the country by Reneta, which has 19 depots. Current export destinations for the company's goods include Cambodia, Ethiopia, Guyana, Afghanistan, Belize, the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Honduras, Hong Kong, Kenya, Thailand, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

06. ESKAYEF Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

It's no secret that Eskayef Pharmaceuticals Ltd, commonly known as SK+F, is one of Bangladesh's leading pharmaceutical firms. Transcom Group is the company's owner. In 1990, the firm began its demise. Latifur Rahman is the company's founder and chairman. The Director and CEO, Simeen Hossein is in charge of the firm.

“Excellence through quality” is Eskayef's tagline. Many different goods are produced by the firm including Pharmaceutical Finished Products, Bulk Pellets, Nutrition Products, and Animal Health. The company aims to develop and distribute high-quality items at an affordable price. There is a high demand for its products in Bangladesh's rural and urban areas. Over 30 nations in Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa receive items from the firm.

07. ACME Laboratories Ltd.

ACME Laboratories Ltd. is one of Bangladesh's most reputable pharmaceutical firms. In the ACME Group, this firm is a member. In 1954, the ACME began its trip. Mizanur Rahman Sinha is the company's Managing Director, while Nagina Afzal Sinha is the company's Chairman. Since its inception in Bangladesh, the firm has built an excellent reputation as a manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceutical goods of international standards.

Current production includes doses for cardiovascular, digestive, anti-infective, and CNS diseases as well as respiratory illnesses. The firm now manufactures more than 500 different types of dosages. Profiting from local market success, the firm is now well-positioned to take advantage of worldwide opportunities. The trained and competent employees are working to satisfy the healthcare requirements of Bangladesh and beyond. There are several years of experience and a good reputation with the company exporting its products to South East Asia, Central America, and the African continent.

08. ACI Pharmaceuticals

ACI Limited is one of the country's largest and most successful pharmaceutical companies in Bangladesh. In 1992, the company was renamed ACI Limited and began its journey into the future. The President and CEO of the firm is M. Anis Ud Dowla, and Dr. Arif Dowla is the Managing Director of the company. Pharma, Consumer Brands, Agribusiness, and Retail Chain Shops make up ACI or Advanced Chemical Industries' four reportable sectors.

ACI Limited has established itself as one of Bangladesh's premier pharmaceutical businesses for nearly three decades by providing creative and trustworthy pharmaceutical goods. A total of 5,000 employees are employed by the firm in various locations around the country at this time. Bangladesh's first ISO 9001-certified quality management system was introduced by ACI in 1995.

09. Aristopharma Ltd.

Aristopharma Limited is one of the most well-known pharmaceutical businesses in Bangladesh in the industry. In 1986, the business began its journey. Since its establishment, the firm has provided the people of the country with innovative and trustworthy products at reasonable rates.

10 km from the center of Dhaka lies the Shampur-Kadamtali I/A plant of the Aristopharma manufacturing factory. They have a state-of-the-art facility that can produce medicines on a large scale, both domestically and internationally. It creates a wide range of dosage forms, including antipyretics, vitamins, and minerals. It also manufactures NSAIDs, antiulcerants, steroid antispasmodics, cardiovascular drugs as well as anti-diabetics, antipsychotics, antiemetics, and anti-septics, etc.

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10. Drug International Limited

As one of Bangladesh's leading pharmaceutical businesses, Drug International Limited is within the top 10. The firm was incorporated in 1974 as a private limited company under the joint-stock company registry, and it has been operating ever since. Later in 1983, the business entered the Bangladeshi market with an oral solid dosage facility, which was completed in 1984.

Drug International Limited aims to manufacture high-quality goods by carefully complying with key international regulatory organizations, such as the World Health Organization manufacturing requirements. Soft capsules with specific absorption and retention qualities like vitamins are being produced for the first time in Bangladesh by this firm. Drug International Limited manufactures a wide range of dosage forms, including syrups, suspensions, soft gelatin capsules, capsules, tablets, creams, suppositories, ointments, etc.

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