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Too many GPA-5s, too few top colleges for admission

Published : 29 Aug 2020 08:50 PM | Updated : 05 Sep 2020 03:28 AM

Around 65,000 students, out of 13,42,693 eligible candidates, did not get opportunities of getting admission to their preferred choice of colleges. 

Apparently, such situation was faced by some 9,215 students who secured highest scores or grade point average (GPA-5), according to the recently published results of admission in both, public and private colleges (in class XI).

This happened as most of the applicants preferred studying in one of the country’s top ten listed colleges in their choice leaving some 142 unrecognized colleges, mostly in the rural areas, not receiving any application.

Besides, among those who were selected for admission, about 5 lakh students did not get their preferred choice of institutions, says the published report.

However, those who get confirmation of admission by August 30 but also did not get admission in their preferred college, will get a chance of migration (change of college).

They will be automatically transferred to the top college in the preferred list, if there are vacancies. However, if the seats are not vacant, there will be no migration.

On the other hand, students who did not get any college for admission in 11th grade, will have to re-apply from August 31, sources said.

It is known that these students (65,000) did not get college of their choice in the first phase as they were not select colleges properly. 

However, if any student wants to apply for the second phase without applying for the college in the first phase, he/she has to pay the fee. 

In the second phase of the application, the students will get the college for admission if they apply preferring the top to middle order colleges in their choice.

In this regard, Professor Harun-ur-Rashid, Inter-Education Board College Inspector, said, “This has happened because most of the students had best recognized colleges on their list of preferences. But there is nothing to worry about it. In the second step, they will have the opportunity to apply again.”

To avoid this situation in 2nd step admission, he advised the applicants to make a combination of top and medium category colleges in the case of selecting the preferences of colleges.

Meanwhile, in the first phase of admission, about 12,77,721 students have been nominated for admission in class XI. But more than 13,42,000 students had applied for the admission.

As a result, at least 64,972 students did not get admission in colleges of their choices. Of them, 3,800 students are GPA-5 achievers from Dhaka Board while 9,215 GPA-5 students are from rest of the country. 

Meanwhile, it is known that the number of choices has also played a role in the failure of about 65,000 students to get a chance.

According to the source, 13,42,693 students have applied in different colleges through 72,07,691 applications in total.

Therefore, on an average, every student has given on an average 5.42 colleges in the choice list. As per the rules, there were minimum 5 and maximum 10 colleges of choice.

But very few students have given 10 colleges on the list of choice out of overconfidence. 

Furthermore, Admission confirmation of the students who got a chance in the first phase will continue till August 30. After that, the second phase of application will start from 31st August and will continue until 2nd September.

The results of the first migration and the second phase of the application will be published on September 4. Applications for the third phase will be accepted on September 6 and September 7.

Their results will be published on September 10. College-based final results will be released on September 13. After that, students will have to be admitted to the college from the day until September 15.