Tollywood actress replaces Mahi in upcoming film

Published : 10 Feb 2024 09:07 PM

The movie that Dhallywood star Mahia Mahi left behind is being filmed by Tollywood's Koushani Mukherjee. From Kolkata, she took a plane to Dhaka. Koushani has spent the last two days in Uttara filming "Dark World." 

According to film director, Koushani will continue filming "Dark World" through February 13. In these few days, she will finish the entire work for her role in the movie. August of last year marked the beginning of filming for the movie "Dark World," directed by Mostafizur Rahman. 

Mahi showed up at the location of the shoot at a specific time, following the prearranged plan. She was using her thoughts as well. Abruptly, Mahi says, "Wrap yourself in that picture."

After some research, it was discovered that Munna Khan, the movie's producer and hero, revealed in an interview that he adores Pori Moni. Therefore, he intended to have Pori Moni play the lead role in this film from the start. But Mahiya Mahi was taken since Parimoni declined to appear in the movie.

Mahia Mahi hears the word through one or both ears. Mahi then declared her intention to back out of the film. The actress did, however, publicly state that she made the choice for a "personal reason."

Once the shooting began, Mahi made a sudden decision that surprised director Mostafizur Rahman. He thought there had been a miscommunication that would be cleared up shortly, however, not ultimately.

On Saturday morning, the director stated to the media, "Mahi was offended by the producer's remarks. I made multiple attempts to persuade Mahi after that. Mahi, though, was steadfast in her choice.

I support Mahi's choice as well. I then searched for an actor who resembled me. I had once considered working with a heroine from outside the nation this time instead of one from within. After reading the story, Koushani became really eager to complete the task. I am shooting again now, though.

In the crime thriller "Dark World," Koushani will portray a police officer. Alongside them in the movie are Misha Saudagar, Munna Khan, and Moushumi.