Tobacco banned near edn instts

A commendable initiative indeed

Published : 13 Nov 2021 08:31 PM

Our younger generation in recent times has been indulging so much in tobacco and drugs that they are already having worrisome diseases at the early stage of their life.

Especially students of universities, colleges or even schools are often seen taking tobacco while they are on the campus. After the classes, they often go out for a smoke and it has been a constant sight outside the country’s various educational institutions.

In a bid to put a halt to this activity, the government has banned the sale of all types of tobacco products within 100 meters of the educational institutions in Bangladesh. 

Strict enforcement of this guideline is necessary 

to help protect our youths from addictive 

substances such as tobacco and drugs

Licensing system has also been introduced for the sale of tobacco products and the license must be renewed every year through payment of fees as fixed by the local government bodies.

According to the guideline, tobacco products shops and sale outlets for cigarettes within 100 meters of educational institutions is banned. As per the guideline, steps have also been taken to control the sale of tobacco products in all the places by bringing the tobacco traders under licensing system. 

The government is now trying to implement the guideline. With the power conferred under this guideline, the local government bodies, including Union Parishad, municipalities and city corporations, will be able to enforce the ban on tobacco products sale in the shops near the educational institutions.

However, it is now to be seen that how the government implements this guideline. The mobile tobacco stores near the educational institutions are a major concern and law enforcement agencies need to crack them down. Tobacco as we know is often the gateway to drugs for youth, as many of the drug addicts start with tobacco. Hence, strict enforcement of this guideline is necessary to help protect our youth from addictive substances such as tobacco and drugs.