Tk 7.5cr bridge without approach roads remains useless for 2 years

Published : 04 Aug 2023 08:22 PM

A bridge, built without a connecting road, has become a persistent source of distress for the residents of Gangni of Meherpur. 

The bridge built at a cost of seven and a half Crore is not providing any benefit to the people as there is no connecting road. Before the construction of the bridge, the locals were interested in giving land for the connecting road. But knowing that they will not get the price of the land, they are reluctant to sell their land. 

Although the bridge near Madhugari Ghat of Mathabhanga river in the upazila was constructed about 2 years ago, the connecting road was left without construction for two years.

It is known that this girder bridge was construc­­ted over the Mathab­hanga river on the Bamandi HD to Pragpur GC via Madhugari Ghat road in the fiscal year 2019-2020. The cost is estimated at 7 crore 29 lakh 32 thousand 979 taka. As a result of the construction of the bridge, the people of the two districts are supposed to get various benefits including expansion of trade and education. 

Now the demand of the land pledgers for the connecting road is to pay a fair price for their land. LGED says that the matter has been reported to the District Commissioner. He will take necessary action.

It can be seen from the ground that the connecting road has been constructed in the Kushtia Daulatpur part of the bridge but not in the Gangni part. As a result, even though the bridge was built, people's suffering increased more than before. At present, people have to travel 9 kilometers for various reasons including cultivation and harvesting, medical treatment in the fields on both sides of the river. Boats used to ply here before the bridge was built. Now the boat doesn't even move.

Ramjan, Renu and Nuralam , students of Mominpur Secondary School in Gangni, said that students from two upazilas of two districts study in their school. 

Students of Daulatpur are suffering in commuting to school due to lack of connecting roads.

Sanowar Hossain, a businessman from Mathurapur village in Daulatpur, said that he has been doing business in Gangni for 25 years. He used to come by boat. After the construction of the bridge, the boat no longer runs. There is no connecting road to the bridge. Now we have to travel 7-8 kilometers to reach Gangni area.

Sohag, a vegetable farmer and businessman of Gangni, said that there is land on both sides of the river. The vegetables produced are sold in two upazila markets. When there was no bridge, he used to travel by boat. Can't even now. A van loaded with vegetables has to travel 10 kilometers. Both cost and suffering have increased.

Jamirul Islam, who promised to give land for the connecting road, said that we know the price of the land will be given as per the law. Now it is being said that free land should be given. We have no objection to give the land for the bridge road if we get a fair price.

Gangni Upazila LGED Engineer Faisal Ahmed said that before the construction of the bridge, the activities were taken up after discussing with the locals, but those who wanted to give land objected when the connection road was to be constructed. They are asking twice the market price. So an application has been made to the District Commissioner for land acquisition. The process is time consuming hence the delay.

Mohammad Sahiduzzaman MP Meherpur-2 (Gangni) said that he has spoken to the land owners and will take all measures as per law.