Tk 17,000 crore income tax collection target for Ctg

Published : 10 Nov 2021 09:31 PM | Updated : 12 Nov 2021 03:48 PM

The target for income tax collection in Chattgram for the fiscal year 2021-22 is Tk 17,000 crore.  Although not a fair, a festive atmosphere has been created in Chattogram centering on the payment of this income tax.  Countless people are paying income tax every day. 

Returns and checks are being collected from taxpayers in four zones of the city's income tax office since November 1.  It is noteworthy that in addition to regular taxpayers, more than 3,000 new taxpayers have filed returns in the last one week. 

According to sources, there are about nine lakh tin numbered people in Chittagong under four Karanchals (tax zones).  But a person does not have to file a return just by taking the TIN number.  None has to pay income tax if there is no fixed amount of income.  Only those who provide income tang have to file a return showing their income and expenditure account.  

About four and a half lakh people pay income tax in four zones of Chittagong.  This time the target of income tax collection in four zones of Chittagong is 17 thousand crore taka.  All the four zones of Chittagong have started various activities to achieve this huge target. 

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Relevant sources said that the income tax fair has been playing a very important role in the collection of this income tax for the last few years.  However, the fair was not held last year in Covid-19 situation.  There is no fair organized again. 

However, the income tax office in Agrabad of the city is collecting income tax in a festive atmosphere.  Returns will be submitted by November 30.  Income tax of Tk 17,000 crore will be collected in four zones of Chittagong by November 30.  Work is underway in each zone and circle with this goal.

Attempts are being made to make the process of filing income tax returns look like a festival even if it is not fair.  Returns are being accepted by setting up a special booth in front of Chittagong Income Tax Office from last November 1.  All the four tax zones are giving the opportunity to the taxpayers under their zone to file their returns.  

In the last one week, 19,135 people have availed income tax services in Chittagong.  Of these, 7,868 have filed returns.  3 crore 78 lakh 86 thousand 624 taka has been recovered against these returns.  In the last one week, 3,183 new taxpayers along with regular taxpayers have received e-TIN. 

Seeing the matter as very positive, the concerned sources said that the return can be submitted till November 30.  So many people want to file a return.  Sources also said that the level of return submission will increase further next week. 

Chittagong Tax Zone-1 Commissioner Syed Abu Daud said, "We are trying to provide maximum service to the taxpayers."  Our booth is actually providing the necessary assistance to any person related to any need related to income tang.  Noting that there is no scope for any kind of harassment, he said, "Our staff at all levels is ready to provide maximum service."  Anyone can take this service if they want. 

He mentioned the target of collecting income tax of Tk 17,000 crore in 4 zones of Chittagong this time and said, "We have to work towards achieving this target."  Although the Covid-19 situation created some crisis, hopefully our goal will be achieved. 

Income tax and advance income tax are levied throughout the year.  However, the income tax of the last financial year has to be paid by November 30.  Failure to pay income tax on time is punishable under the Income Tax Ordinance.

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