Tk 120cr arms, drugs seized from Benapole borders in a year

Published : 01 Jan 2021 09:53 PM

Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB) members seized drugs, arms, gold and foreign currency worth about Tk 120 crore and arrested 378 smugglers in a year from various borders of Benapole in Jashore.

Many common people at the border have become involved in smuggling drugs and gold in the hope of earning huge amount of money in a short period, while many others are dragging themselves into the ranks of smuggler godfathers increasing the number of smugglers at the borders day by day.

As the godfathers are remaining out of reach, petty smugglers are getting involved in the crime even after coming back from the jail.

Sources inform that that smugglers are more active at Benapole's Putkhali, Daulatpur, Gatipara, Sadipur, Raghunathpur, Ghiba, Dhanyakhola and Kayba, Rudrapur, Goga, Agrabhulat, Panchbhulat, Shalkona, Pakshiya, Dihi, Shikarpur and Ramchandrapur borders.

Commanding Officer of Jashore 49 BGB Battalion Lieutenant Colonel Selim Reza said the BGB recovered 23 foreign pistols, 41 magazines, 105 bullets, 55,496 bottles of Phencidyl, 953 kg of cannabis, 550 bottles of domestic and foreign liquor, 1,850 yaba tablets, 42 kg of gold and 7.38 USD in last one year.

Noticeably, BGB members have more active to prevent drug and arms smuggling with a number of modern technologies, including night vision cameras, floating BOPs, and speedboats on the navigable route.