Tk 10 rice programme for ultra-poor in Kishoreganj

Published : 10 Apr 2021 08:42 PM

Ultra-poor people in Kushoreganj will be able to buy rice at the price of Tk 10 per kg from now, as a rice distribution programme has been launched in the district.

59,652 ultra poor families from 108 union under 13 upazilas of the district will get benefitted from this programme.

Under the food friendly programme, selected card holders will get 30 kg rice every month through village ration dealers at a rate of Tk 10 per kg.

To this end, the government has  allocated 5368.950 Metric tonnes of rice through 203 dealers said concerned officials.

The ultra poor families have been selected through the local public representatives. They will get 30 kg rice in each of three lean months during the year.  Out of all the ultra poor families selected in this programme, 6,325 are from Kishoreganj Sadar Upazila, 5,114 from Bhairab, 4,155 from Bajitpur, 3,062 from Kuliarchar, 4,778 from Pakundia, 5,334 from Karimganj, 3,275 from Hossainpur, 5,796 from Katiadi, 4,001 from Tarail, 2,855 from Nikli, 4,784 from Austagram, 5,660 from Itna and 4,513 are from Mitamoin upazila.

On Saturday morning, the rice sale activity of the programme was launched through the selected dealers simultaneously alike other parts of the country.

District Controller of Food Amir Uddin Ahammad said, “We believe the government will ensure transparency in people oriented programmes hrough the local public representatives and administrations.”

He also said, poor families led by women, particularly widows, divorced or abandoned with children will be given priority, according to the guideline.

In reply to a query, the official said, besides flour was also being sold to the poor at Tk 18 per kg under the Open Market Sale programme by the food department in Kishoreganj Sadar Upazila.