Tips for a healthy Eid after a month of fasting

The end of Ramzan, the holy month of fasting, culminates in Eid. Before you get started with the feasting and festivities, take a deep breath and remember your health and fitness regime.

These tips will ensure that Eid is healthy and happy!

Make sure you eat small and frequent meals

Gulping down a large and heavy meal at a single sitting can lead to digestive problems. Consume short and frequent meals; they make it easier for you to digest food and also stimulate your metabolism, report agencies.

Try and pick foods cooked with healthy methods

Fried foods may appeal to your taste buds but they don’t do much for your body. Replace them with foods that have been baked, grilled or barbecued. Check our list of the top five healthy and worst foods for Ramzan.

Make sure you consume food that’s low on salt

Study after study has shown that excess salt isn’t good for you. Never add salt; instead, go for herbs and spices such as basil, parsley, thyme, rosemary, coriander powder, pepper, chilli and lemon juice. Desist from using high amounts of condensed milk and be prudent with sugar when making sweet treats.

Don’t overdose on meat even though you’re tempted

The festivities are synonymous with non-vegetarian foods but make sure that they don’t form the bulk of your diet. Meat is difficult to digest and has plenty of calories; try and go for leaner cuts and avoid consuming too much.

Get your fix of five when it comes to fruits & veggies

A healthy salad that brings together a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables is nutritious and satiating. Experiment with lettuce, tomato, peppers, cucumber, radish, carrots, and sweet corn. Use fruits – apples, pears, oranges, papaya or pomegranate – to add a dash of sweetness.

Stay off carbonated beverages and sip green tea

Soft drinks are empty calories, we know, but still continue to have them as we love the fizz and sugar hit. Don’t let them into your home. You can sip on green tea, infused water or coconut water instead.

Get out of the home for a morning or evening walk

Even if you don’t find the time for a rigorous workout, make sure you sneak in a walk. A morning or evening walk will keep you from feeling overfull by digesting your food. You can try these five pranayamas to feel better!

Make it a celebration with a homemade family meal

The tendency these days is to head for a restaurant when celebrating. Keeping the pounds off is tough even if you know how to order sensibly. Make the celebration a homemade one – it will be fun and much healthier.

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