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Timely action paying off

Published : 28 Jul 2020 10:32 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 10:30 PM

Considering scientific data analysis, the government has adopted prompt strategies to improve corona situation by balancing life and livelihood in the country since last five months.

Such positive results may turn out to greatly benefit the policy makers in overcoming the corona crisis in the near future.
Public health experts have expressed that realizing the consequences of covid-19 around the globe the incumbent government implemented wider testing facilities to gather knowledge on the infection status and take action accordingly. Authorities concerned have been enforcing red, green and yellow zones to prevent transmission of coronavirus.

Under the leadership of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina the concerned ministries acted promptly on outlining appropriate plans and preparations, launching awareness campaigns and monitoring implementation of the action programmes. The key to such successful programme of early intervention is formation of the National Technical Advisory Committee (NTAC) on Corona.

Talking to Bangladesh Post, public health expert Sarwar Hossain said, “In the beginning it was a total chaos. However, as time passed it became better. Now in many hospitals Covid beds are vacant.”

Methods of controlling infection were as numerically dominant; but they are being considered scientifically and pathologically, he added.

Mentioning rapid corona specimen test, Sarwar said, door to door sample collection and setting up booth decision now seem to me was correct.

On Tuesday replying to a query professor Nasima Sultana, Additional Director General (Administration) of the Department of Health, said the highest level (peak) of corona is now on the decline.

She said that, the case of Corona has come down; people's interest in tests has also downward. In densely populated areas the cases are few and far between. So we can't say that the case is that way.

The Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) survey also shows that the case is no longer peak. Now we can say it is declining, she continued.

Health Minister Zahid Maleque on Monday said a new task force has been formed to investigate irregularities in the health sector, including hospitals and clinics.

The health minister also remarked that a different quarter could take advantage of the growing criticism of the country's health sector.

"The country's health sector is no longer in that fragile state. But if this sector is criticized more and more all the time, people will lose confidence in the health system of the country and if there is little for treatment, they will go abroad. And our health sector will suffer more. All kinds of facilities now exist in our country, 'he added.

Regarding upcoming month’s medicine specialist Ahmed Ul-Bari told Bangladesh Post, “It’s a matter of great relief that we have passed this medical emergency but we should not be too happy. Many countries in Europe are identifying new waves of infections,”

He said, “In my opinion people are still at risk, there is no alternative to healthy diet intake, following health guidelines and using face mask in public. Specially children and adults needed special care because of their weaker immune system.