Time to focus on renewable energy

More energy preservation required

Renewable energy is the future of the  country and vigorous investment is now needed to increase the sustainability of this sector. It is high time now to reduce the use of non renewable energy and put more focus on renewable ones. To make the investment in this sector more sustainable, we need to discover new technology and reduce the amount of land needed for solar power in various sectors.

A sustainable power system is needed to use clean energy through mutual cooperation and our government is very positive about the use of clean energy. 

The government should take necessary 

steps to reduce the use of non renewable 

energy as much as possible 

As per the report published in this newspaper on Tuesday, Power System Master Plan has been prepared keeping in view the energy diversification, clean energy and climate change in coordination with Vision-2021, Vision-2041, Eighth Five Year Plan and Delta Plan. To implement this project successfully, cooperation with new partners in numerous ways is needed to increase energy competence.

An enhanced power grid can also make an improved use of the current capacity of power transmission. In our country many power plants from certain areas sit idle, where augmented supply is needed. Along with the commitment to solar power, a focus on power grid enhancement is also required for sustainability.

When it comes to power generation, solar power is a perfect and much more functional option than fossil fuels. Hence, we must not only move ahead swiftly with our development projects, but we must do it in a sustainable and environmentally accountable way.