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TikTok’s #BookTok at Ekushey Book Fair!

Published : 16 Feb 2024 09:30 PM

In an effort to inspire its Bangladeshi users to interact with the expanding global community of book lovers, TikTok opened its BookTok Experience Center at the Amar Ekushey Book Fair.

The goal of this project, which goes by the hashtag #BoiMela, is to give book lovers in the TikTok community a one-of-a-kind experience. They can visit the Experience Center to interact with other enthusiast and celebrate their passion for reading and books.

The Experience Center, located at stall 918, is a specially designed area designed to fully immerse guests in the world of literature via TikTok's colorful perspective. The center will feature the BookTok Corner, a carefully chosen space that features well-liked books that the BookTok community has chosen to highlight.

Here, visitors can connect with the stories and authors that have ignited discussions and set trends on TikTok. Embracing innovation and interaction, the TikTok Experience Center is set to feature engaging elements.

Attendees can look forward to discovering TikTok-branded materials and QR codes that direct to #BookTok and #BoiMela content within the app. The hashtag BookTok and hashtag BoiMela campaigns at the Ekushey Boi Mela transcend a mere exhibition of books; they represent a dynamic platform for creating and sharing literary content.

TikTok is excited to initiate the #BookTok campaign by inviting users to engage in creative trends such as "Top 3 Books You Have to Read; and "DIY Bookmarks (Butterfly)" under both hashtags.

TikTok aims to engage the reading community by spotlighting top Book Lover accounts. These featured accounts will serve as a source of inspiration and engagement, encouraging users to interact using TikTok's Q&A feature for personalized book reviews and recommendations.

#BookTok has been the go-to hashtag on TikTok for all content pertaining to books, reading, writing, and everything in between. With book reviews, writing tips, plot reenactments of popular novels, and more, this corner of TikTok encourages and inspires others to enjoy literature in all of its forms.

The #BookTok community has been on TikTok since early 2020, but saw an initial boost in content during March of 2020 with the beginning of stay-at-home orders.

Users turned to TikTok for entertainment and discovered #BookTok recommendations, helping reignite a passion for reading that has grown through the app, inspiring over 28.9 million posts globally to date.