TikTok launches Bangla Creator Portal to help users

Published : 31 Aug 2022 09:32 PM

TikTok has launched its Creator Portal in Bangladesh, a one-stop shop for educational resources on content creation for creators on its platform. Creator Portal Bangla, which can be accessed on the TikTok account @bdtiktokcreators, is a series of videos that will provide guidance, tips and tricks to help creators maximize their in-app presence and take their videos to the next level.

The Portal will help creators dive deeper into modules such as storytelling, community building and creative effects, aimed at inspiring and diversifying content creation on the platform. It will also include a detailed module on TikTok's Community Guidelines so Bangladeshi content creators can understand them better and implement them while creating content for their audiences. This will not only help in elevating the quality of content on the platform, but will also ensure TikTok remains a safe space where its users come to share joy and express creativity.

A TikTok statement said: "Creators are the heart and soul of TikTok. They make the application a welcoming place where millions of people come for entertainment, learning and fun, and TikTok offers anyone a chance to reach an audience, without needing to be a celebrity or social influencer with a large following. While becoming a creator is as simple as tapping a few buttons, thriving as a creator takes time, dedication and some education. With the different tools, analytics, effects and creative ideas to balance on a TikTok account, making a strategy for creating content can be daunting. 

"That’s why we’re excited to launch the TikTok Creator Portal in Bangladesh, an online hub filled with educational videos for creators to learn the basics of getting started on TikTok, connecting with their audience, and cultivating best practices to bring their videos to the next level. For avid or even expert TikTok creators, the Creator Portal will help interpret community trends, learn more about the use of sound and music, and spotlight creative effects, helping to inspire and diversify content creation."

Content on Creator Portal Bangla will be organized into the following five learning categories with new videos uploaded on a weekly basis:

• Getting started on TikTok

• TikTok creation essentials

• TikTok foundations for success

• TikTok content strategy

• Community Guidelines and safety

These categories cover some of the most frequently asked questions and give key insights into how users can grow as a content creator on TikTok. The Portal will offer in depth guides and videos designed to further support TikTok's growing creator community in Bangladesh, and help them get the most out of their time on the platform.