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Tight security at all gateways

Published : 29 Nov 2021 10:19 PM | Updated : 30 Nov 2021 01:37 PM

The government has taken measures to prevent infection by Omicron Covid-19 variant which is known to be potentially more contagious than earlier strains. The new variant just recently detected prompted Bangladesh to impose tighter travel restrictions. 

All passengers travelling to and from Bangladesh to many African countries as transit passengers are required to follow strict precautionary measures as directed by the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS). However, there is no direct air link to African countries from Bangladesh. 

State minister for civil aviation and tourism Md Mahbub Ali told Bangladesh, “I have already talked to the chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority Bangladesh (CAAB) about the precautionary measures. Besides, we will implement the instructions given to us by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Everyone who enters Bangladesh with transit from African countries will be brought under screening.” 

“We need to be vigilant now and enters Bangladesh with transit from African countries will be brought under screening.” 

“We need to be vigilant now and I have already spoken to the chairman of the Civil Aviation Authority about this. We must be on high alert. At the same time, I would like to request those who are coming from abroad to be careful and follow the instructions of the government,” added Md. Mahbub Ali.  

On Sunday, the DGHS has warned of a new type of coronavirus, Omicron, at all entrances to the country. DGHS spokesman and director (disease control) Prof Dr. Nazmul Islam in a virtual press briefing said this. 

Dhaka airport Director Group Captain AHM Touhid-ul Ahsan, “We had been informed to warn the foreign carriers including our locals not to bring susceptive passengers from the countries where such new variant had been found. If any passengers from such countries come to Bangladesh via transit they were said to take special attention.”   

According to an airport source, it was learned that soon a notice will be issued regarding the Omicron variants. Restriction on flight operation with some countries is likely to impose.   

The World Health Organization cited the new variant as a cause for concern following which already many countries around the world have taken remedial and preventive measures. Hence, instructions have been given to increase enter all the air, sea, and land ports of Bangladesh.

There is no chance of complacency in any situation. Infection can increase at any time. Therefore, advice has been given every one to wear masks, wash their hands regularly and follow personal hygiene rules. 

According to Civil Aviation Authority Bangladesh (CAAB), currently, 13 countries' passengers need to stay in quarantine upon arrival in Bangladesh. The 13 countries are Armenia, Bulgaria, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Mongolia, Palestine, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, and Ukraine. 

 CAAB guideline said, vaccinated person from those countries will have to stay home quarantined for seven days while the unvaccinated passenger has to go through institutional quarantine for 14 days.  

According to global news media reports, the Omicron variant had been identified in South Africa, Botswana, Belgium, Hong Kong, Israel, Germany, Italy, and Australia.

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