Tigers’s WC jersey to change after criticism

Bangladesh’s jersey for the upcoming World Cup came under scrutiny and criticism from fans after the official unveiling of the jersey. The criticism came because of absence in red color in the jersey. The jersey also lack core dark green color of Bangladesh, instead it is filled with Pakistan-esque green color. These were the reason of fans meltdown after the release of jersey. Therefore, BCB chief executive Nizamuddin Chowdhury told the media that Tigers’ jersey will now be changed. The BCB is going to change the design of the jersey after thinking about the emotion of the people told Nizamuddin.

Two jerseys were designed for home and away. The design for the away jersey is completely red, with a bit of green on the arms and in front. However, the home jersey is completely green, with no red. This home jersey was worn by the players during Monday’s photo session. Then the fans meltdown began on social media referring it to Pakistan’s jersey. 

Following the mayhem, BCB president Nazmul Hassan, on Monday night, told a TV channel that they would change the design of the home jersey. Then Nizamuddin confirmed this change yesterday. "There is no red on the home jersey. The new design will have red in it."

He also informed, "Initially the design had red in it. The team's name, Bangladesh, was in red. But ICC did not approve of it. 

There is probably a guideline of ICC that the team names will have to be in white colour. Now we will have to put the red colour somewhere else in the jersey."

The BCB CEO also informed that the jerseys that have already been put on sale in the market will be replaced by the new ones. 

Mehtabuddin Sentu, owner of Sports and Sports, who were given the rights to sell the jersey, said they have not yet received any instruction from the BCB to change the jersey.

After unveiling jersey and photo session on Monday afternoon, the BCB chief said that he had not seen this jersey before, but he liked the design. But at a private TV channel in the night, he said, "When I was exposed to Jersey, I said I did not see it before. Then later I realized it had no red in the green. Another jersey has red-green combination so now we’ll replace it with that.”