Tigers pace unit to play T20I series under day light

Bangladesh’s got a severe blow as all the T20 matches in the Pakistan series will be held during day light.

Bangladesh picked five pace bowlers and national selectors insisted that it was the best bet considering they presumes all matches will be played under floodlight, though PCB had other plans all together, report agencies. All of the three games will start at 3:00pm Bangladesh time, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) revealed on Tuesday. 

Although PCB had initially wanted to hold day-night games the organizers eventually decided to go against it as the at night the temperature at Lahore goes down to as low as 10 degree celsius, which feel like 6-7 degrees. Now that the games will be held during the day, the Tigers won’t need to think about the condition in the evening.

The Tigers will leave Dhaka for Lahore on Wednesday, in a chartered flight that takes off at 10:30pm.

The games will be played on 24, 25 and 27 January.