Tigers crush Afghanistan in World Cup

Winning spree should continue

Published : 08 Oct 2023 09:33 PM

We extend our heartiest greetings and warm felicitations to the Bangladesh National Cricket Team for winning their first match in the ICC World Cup 2023 against Afghanistan.

Bangladesh beat Afghanistan by six wickets and 92 balls in hand at Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh of India on Saturday. Bangladesh will play their second match against England at the same venue tomorrow (Tuesday). This victory will build up the confidence of players and coaches of the national cricket team to get them actively contributing in the upcoming World Cup series. Besides, this victory has given Bangladesh a dominating and strong position, moving the Tigers to secure good position in the cricket world. The youngsters expressed their boldness and said the main thing is that they won the match when any team will win matches, their confidence will be high.

We think our young tigers will be roaring in this World Cup. We also wish the team good luck and hope Team Tigers led by Shakib Al Hasan will continue giving their best to maintain the honour of Bangladesh on the biggest stage. We think they are in good rhythm and showing their talent in this World Cup. 

Our young tigers will

be roaring in this World Cup

It has been noticed that all the members of Bangladesh Cricket Team played as a team according to the plan. The young players’ boldness and confidence in the field must get appreciation as they showed their all out abilities that how and in way to keep going in a difficult situation and achieve the victory in recent matches against different countries. We all know to clinch victory against any team in the world cup will not be an easy contender for Bangladesh.

Yet, our young players will do it and we also express the hope that the winning spree of the Bangladesh cricket team would continue in this world cup. Keeping in mind that beating any country is never an easy task, our cricket teams will have to more confident to reduce physical and mental efforts and pressure. We believe if confidence could be packed into the team, our young tigers can beat any team in the world. 

We are pleased to see that our youngsters showed the maturity to carry the innings in planned way. The hunger for victory was evidenced in their body language as they put up an electrifying fielding performance that proved to be eventual difference between the two sides. Our every player’s performance is important not only to make an impact in cricket quickly but also to help Bangladesh do better in the all format of cricket. Tigers have the strength and capacity to beat any team whatever they might be in the upcoming any series. Therefore, we also hope that the winning spree of the Bangladesh cricket team would continue in future.