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Tigers’ chance still alive to draw the series

Published : 05 Apr 2022 11:47 PM | Updated : 06 Apr 2022 03:20 PM

The defeat of Bangladesh in the first Test against South Africa in Durban on Monday was nothing upset or an unexpected result, as the hosts are stronger sides than the visitors when chance is till left to draw the series.   

In all respect South Africa team are far ahead of Bangladesh team, their cricket culture, history, overall they have more than hundred years’ tradition of the game, so conceding defeat to them is not a big harm. 

But the margin of defeat sometimes is a big concern for the losing sides, as this time for Bangladesh it was not expected that they would surrender effortlessly. 

In the past, Bangladesh lost to South Africa at their home when they suffered innings defeats in five out of six Test matches but that time Bangladesh team played as Test baby in maximum matches, the tigers were almost novice in Test cricket. 

It has already been 20 years gone, Bangladesh obtained Test status and by this time they also won matches against the big Test nations and even series against some others in home and away. So after two decades of becoming a Test nation country, it’s hard to accept such an embarrassing defeat. 

Specially, after an incredible ODI series win against in Centurion, it proved that Bangladesh is strong enough to win against South Africa at their home.  

Ahead of the Test series, victory in the ODI series enhanced the expectation high to look forward to win Test series also but the high hope was shattered after suffering defeat so miserably, which disappointed all.  

In the second innings of the first Test, Bangladesh were all out for 53 runs in Durban on Monday, and that made the fans annoyed.  

But there is nothing to be get nervous for the Tigers but to get ready and to be prepared to face the hosts with courage. 

South Africa can also have some solace and be delighted dismissing Bangladesh for the lowest total, they bowled out an opponents ever, it was the second lowest for Bangladesh in a Test innings when they were all out for 43 runs against West Indies. 

But South Africa is only the team among the Test playing nations who were booked for highest six times under 60 runs when they were all out for 30 runs for twice, once for 35 against England, 36 (against Australia), 43, 45, 47 and 58 runs (against England). 

Tigers have nothing to be demoralized after cut a sorry figure in the first Test, their hopes still alive with a chance left for them to make at least draw the series. 

Tigers would have an occasion of celebration if they could bounce back to beat the SA in the second Test to level the series after trailing by 0-1.   

Tigers will play the series deciding Test of two-match series at Port Elizabeth will begin from April 8. 

Port Elizabeth will also be a new venue for Bangladesh, apart from Durban Test of ongoing series, they played their previous Tests in South Africa at Bloemfontein, Potchefstroom, East London and Centurion.

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