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Ticket frenzy hits for final

Published : 29 Feb 2024 08:50 PM
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As the Bangladesh Premier League (BPL) gears up for its climactic final between Fortune Barishal and Comilla Victorians, the fervour reaches beyond the pitch to the ticket counters. The Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium in Dhaka is the battleground not just for the teams but for their legions of fans engaged in a frantic race to secure a spot in the stands on Thursday.

Outside the stadium, a dramatic scene unfolds at the ticket booths. Throngs of fans, some of whom have camped out since the early hours, are embroiled in a disorganised scramble for tickets. The lack of order has turned the ticket purchase into a test of patience and endurance.

For Zahangir Alam, a Barishal supporter who travelled from Tongi, the quest for a ticket turned into a frustrating ordeal. After hours of patiently waiting in line, he found himself displaced when a new queue suddenly materialized, leaving him and his friends ticketless and disheartened.

“I don’t know how I can get a ticket,” Zahangir, a garment worker, lamented. “I arrived at 6 am, but as the day wore on, the queue swelled, and my hopes dwindled.”

Such tales of disappointment were not uncommon, as mismanagement marred the ticketing process at the closest booth to the stadium. With no security personnel or BCB representatives in sight, fans were left to fend for themselves in the chaotic scramble to buy a ticket.

Among the hopeful attendees was Rahman, a schoolteacher from Chattogram, who had journeyed to Dhaka with his friends in eager anticipation of witnessing the final. A staunch Tamim Iqbal fan, Rahman’s allegiance had shifted to Barishal after Chattogram Challengers bowed out of contention, yet his optimism was tinged with apprehension.

“I came all the way from Chattogram with my friends, but I fear we may not secure tickets,” Rahman confessed, revealing only one part of his name.

With a capacity of slightly over 25,000, the Sher-e-Bangla National Cricket Stadium faces immense demand for tickets, with a significant number of seats allocated to sponsors and other stakeholders.