Three lakh marooned as flood situation worsens

Changes needed in flood management

New areas are being flooded as the water level of major rivers of the country started rising again due to continuous heavy rain fall. 

According to the Flood Forecasting and Warning Center, the flood situation in the country will deteriorate rapidly in the next two to three days. 

This is mainly attributed to the Cherrapunji in India upstream of Bangladesh receiving above 300 mm of rainfall and Shillong over 200 mm. That water will come to Bangladesh in the next one to two days.

A report published in this daily projected that the flood situation has deteriorated in eight northern districts resulting in the marooning of some three lakh people following continuous rush of water from the upstream flooding fresh areas. 

The report also presented that major rivers were flowing above danger marks (DM) at 11 points of Nilphamari, Lalmonirhat, Kurigram, Gaibandha, Jamalpur, Bogra and Sirajganj districts. 

People are fleeing their homes and 

taking refuge in flood control dams, 

high places and shelters for fear of 

suffering from being flooded again

As a result of the heavy rainfall, floodwaters could enter a number of districts in the coming seven days. This could increase the number of people affected by the floods. 

People are fleeing their homes and taking refuge in flood control dams, high places and shelters for fear of suffering from being flooded again. This year's floods are expected to cause extensive damage. According to official figures, over 91 lakh people have been stranded and affected by the floods so far.

According to previous reports in this daily, the number of people taking refuge in shelters so far is low in the flood-hit districts. Meanwhile, the government says that there are fewer people going to shelters, which is causing problems in conducting relief operations. 

Most of the flood-affected people have taken refuge in isolated roads and dams and this has entailed to the relief not reaching them. The suffering of the flood victims is increasing day by day. 

We have to think of something new about the current flood management system of the country. In developed countries, community centers are opened to shelter victims during floods. 

Therefore, it is necessary to plan in a way that various establishments including educational institutions in every part of the country can be used as flood shelters.