Three kilometres of regional road in Tarash remains unpaved

Published : 06 Aug 2022 08:50 PM

12,000 people of 4 villages are in dire straits due to the unpaved regional road of three kilometers from Gurma-Shilongdah to Dogaria in Tarash Upazila of Sirajganj.

It is known from related sources and on the ground that three kilometers of regional road from Gurma of Desigram Union of Tarash Upazila to Dogaria paved road is not paved, about 12 thousand people of 4 villages of Shillongdah, Gurma, Dogaria, and Kshirshin are in extreme difficulty for commuting. 

Villagers have to walk on muddy roads during monsoon season. Most of the people of 4 villages are dependent on agriculture. As the roads are impassable, it is not possible to take the produced agricultural products to the market. It costs several times more to carry food grains in vans for transportation. In the middle of the road, there is 1 government primary school in Shillongdah village and 1 in Kshirshin village. 

There is no end to the hardships of students going to school during the monsoon season. As this little 3 km road to the upazila town is not paved, direct travel is not possible. Md. Moktar Hossain and Abdul Mannan of Shillongdah village said that we ourselves submitted the D and O letter of the former member of parliament to LGED office. 

After that, the Deputy Assistant Engineer of Tarash Upazila LGED office came and measured for the project. But the road has not been paved for a long time. Md. Mujibur Rahman of Shillongdah village said that our only source of income is agriculture, but now if we want to sell the produced agricultural products, we have to sell them at a lower price than the market price. If only 3 kilometers of roads are paved, about 12 thousand people of northern Shillongdah, Kshirshin, northern part of Gurma and western suburbs of Arangail will be able to travel directly to any market in the upazila. Chairman of Desigram Union Parishad Gyanendranath Basak said that the people of 4 villages including Shillongdah Khirsin of my union are facing a lot of trouble during the rainy season as the road is not paved. He also said that he spoke to the Member of Parliament Dr. Abdul Aziz to pave the road. He assured to pave the road soon.