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Those who criticise Padma Bridge have no patriotism: Shameem

Published : 10 Jun 2022 11:49 PM | Updated : 11 Jun 2022 01:45 PM

Deputy Minister of Water Resources Enamul Haque Shamim said, “Those who criticize the Padma Bridge do not love the country. They are the enemies of the nation. Because the construction of Padma bridge with its own funds has increased the status of Bangladesh in the world. It has been proved that Bangabandhu's heroic daughter Sheikh Hasina kept her promise.”

He was speaking as the chief guest at the biennial general meeting of Shariatpur Journalists Association, Dhaka, at a hotel in the capital on Friday afternoon.

He said that another name of Padma Bridge is a symbol of courage of Sheikh Hasina. Another name for the Padma Bridge is the capacity of Bangladesh. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman said that no one can oppress us. The Padma Bridge is a symbol of non-oppression. The Padma Bridge has taken Bangladesh to unique heights. The world is appreciating.

Deputy Minister Shamim said that Sheikh Hasina, daughter of Bangabandhu, officially laid the foundation stone of Padma Bridge near Mawa Ferry Ghat on July 4, 2001. But the construction of the bridge came to a halt due to the political inferiority of BNP. 

Now BNP secretary general Fakhrul Islam Alamgir says Khaleda Zia inaugurated the Padma bridge. However, their communications minister Nazmul Huda said Khaleda Zia had not laid the foundation stone of the Padma Bridge. BNP's job is to lie.

He further said that after the Awami League came to power in a landslide victory on December 29, 2008, the Prime Minister brought the construction of Padma Bridge on the priority list considering it as nationally important. The World Bank has unnecessarily created a dirty controversy by stepping into domestic and foreign conspiracies, alleging fabricated corruption. In the end, the lawsuit was probably funded by a Canadian court. Standing in this great parliament, Bangabandhu Kanya announced the construction of Padma Bridge with her own funds. At that time many people made fun of him. But today the reality. Today that bridge is just a bridge, not a symbol of our potential.

Addressing the journalists, he said, " The government gets a chance to amend if journalists make constructive criticism without criticizing for the sake of criticism. But if false and misleading information is presented to the people, the media is harmed. Journalists are the best friends of politicians. Stay by our side in difficult times.”

The Deputy Minister said the Awami League government is a journalist friendly government. The Awami League government is the only one that has worked for the welfare of journalists. Others have persecuted journalists.

He called upon the journalists of Shariatpur to highlight the positive effects of the construction of the Padma Bridge on South Bengal.

He said, "We are trying to get all the facilities of Padma Bridge for the people of Shariatpur. Forlane has been inaugurated, the work of Forlane will be completed as soon as possible. I hope Sheikh Hasina Agricultural University will be passed in the cabinet meeting next July. There will be a road from Sureshwar to Tarabunia. Whenever I have asked the Hon'ble Prime Minister for Shariatpur, he has given it or not.”

President of Shariatpur Journalists Association Mozammel Haque Chanchal presided over the function and General Secretary Ataur Rahman was the special guest. Former President Rafiqul Islam Azad, Raju Alim, current Vice President Abdus Salam, Benazir Ahmed, Rezaul Haque Reza, Joint General Secretary Asaduzzaman Azam, Borhan Uddin, Office Secretary F Rahman Rupak and others spoke.