Those sub-humans demonstrate dogteeth

Their temerity is irremissible

Anwar A. Khan

We are not born to see the dogteeth of some anti-Bangladesh liberation forces like people of Hefazat-e-Islami, an offshoot of Jamaat-e-Islami. Nor do we want to see the terrible games allegedly in support of those sub-humans being perpetrated by Pakistan High Commission stationed in Dhaka and their communal killing squad ISI sitting behind the screen in the land of Bangladesh. 

These devils are religion traders in the guise of Muslims. These sub-humans don't belong to our Bangladesh. These are vile creatures of Pakistan. Our government must take a very tough stance against them - arrest them, ban them, inflict them due punishment and confiscate their all properties to keep peace in the country for people of all religions and sects of religions to live together.

Strong monitoring is needed on the activities of Pakistan HC in Dhaka, if need, cut-off the diplomatic relations with Pakistan. The onus now lies with the Bangladesh government. Please make haste in this respect. Otherwise, the situation will go at point of no return state!

Their dreadful discommodes have made me realize that all the people who have orchestrated such violent dissembles are not human, but inhuman. Hefazat-Jamaat has a lot to answer for such atrocities for their personal greed. 

I am shocked and appalled by the fact that knowing party like BNP, an illegitimate political outfit born in Dhaka Cantonment under unlawful and self-declared President of the country Gen Zia is allegedly involved in such senseless waste of lives and sphinx moth-mongering. I indeed do believe that the victims should be compensated for these atrocities and these griffins should be held accountable for those who suffered.

These devils are religion traders in the guise of Muslims. 

These sub-humans don’t belong to Bangladesh. These 

are vile creatures of Pakistan. Our government must 

take a very  tough stance against them

There are some very serious concerns about the obnoxious nexus of Hefazat-Jamaat-Pakistan HC-ISI-Jamaat-e-BNP. It's not about peace on earth, or security of freedom anymore in Bangladesh. Question everything! The stuff that is really solid will hold water, but question to hold them to account for all their actions. Sadly, the gears of our world and gears of justice move far too slowly.

This obnoxious nexus is a tragedy and a waste of human life. But these devils will not listen to any moral scripture!

Fly the flag at full-mast every day because Bangladesh is not dying. It is being killed slowly, more and more every day and only a conscious group of people with a strong support from the government can save it.

To proudly wave our flag now, is an embarrassment to anyone who believes in what the constitution is based on. These criminals are exceeding at now, do not care about us or our freedom, our national flag, our national anthem…

It is sad that anyone who is aware, anyone who feels the need to speak out against their actions, like a true patriot, for the people, in favour of the people, is not organized against these so-called Muslims. We should restore our original constitution in full and let the will of the nation’s people be followed.

Wake up Bangladesh. Conspiracies do exist, and have existed since the dawn of man. That is no crazy theory. Deny it if you will, you just need to decide if you are for the people, believe that these gangsters should be controlled by the government. 

Go ahead, insult me now. I know whose side I'm on. I am a patriot.

The lesson is not in the history, but to see its continuation in current day situations. True leaders stand for something, but those perpetrators bend for anything.

As we believe we have seen the worst we have to realise their next target. I do not see limits to their potential for evil.

My mind is in turmoil every day as to what action can be taken to be affective in stopping these butchers. What can I do? Edmund Burke's quote "All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing" is foremost in my mind. To you and all those who have been outspoken against these mongrels, I praise you for speaking out. Maybe our small rants could be counted as some action being better than nothing.

If humans will be alive in 2000 years with a single chance to know their history –Bangladesh’s most people will be known as a country of Caligula, that’s for sure!

This is such a shameful period for our country. The government needs to gear up efforts to address what has been happening now-a-days in Bangladesh instead of trying to sweep it under the rug. 

Hefazat is a killing off-shoot of Jamaati butchers of 1971. Bury them and their mango-twigs at an outfall at a far-off grime place!

We should also puff-up flag waving individuals need to realize that our government is high jacked to contain their ferocities.

Anwar A. Khan is an independent political analyst who writes on politics, political and human-centred figures, current and international affairs