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Things to do on a long flight

Published : 13 Sep 2021 02:14 AM | Updated : 18 Sep 2021 04:16 PM

People are always curious about how to handle the boredom of a long-haul flight. It becomes more boring especially when sleeping is almost impossible for anyone during traveling. So the most asked question is what things to do on a long flight to manage the boredom?

The answer is simply to keep yourself entertained. The tension of sitting on a plane for more than 10 hours is a common reason that takes people away from traveling the world. But if you plan properly and manage your air time, the time would go by more swiftly and productively as well. 

Additionally, you can turn your long flights into an opportunity rather than an inconvenience. This is all about a matter of your perspective. Here are few smart tips that might set your long flight more pleasurable.

1. Set up your phone

  • Create categories of apps and keep all similar ones into a folder.

  • Separate and decorate your files and documents with a new folder.

  • Uninstall the apps that are of no use to you.

  • Delete unwanted pictures, embarrassing selfies, and duplicate photos.

  • Remove cover and clean up.

2. Watch a new movie or TV series

You can easily download a new movie or television series to your smartphone or laptop for viewing offline.

3. Play games

If you have your device with you, you can play easily offline games. If not, look at the back of the airline's magazine, most would have a crossword puzzle or sudoku game. You may also carry some game boards which are magnetic that the dice are even locked into the container so you won’t lose them I.e. Backgammon, Yahtzee, or Chess.

4. Read news and articles

You can go through your favorite news sites or blogs as there are various ways to access them while you are offline as well. 

5. Answer your emails offline

You can go through and respond to every pending email. Obviously, they won’t reach the recipient then and then but would send automatically when you are reconnected to the Internet or wifi.

6. Read books, magazines, and mournals

You can simply take books, magazines, or journals with you while traveling. You may also get them on some airplanes. Finally, you can download the pdf version and read it whenever you want on your phone or laptop.

7. Enjoy the inflight entertainment

If you get your own seat monitor, you would find to be entertained with movies, music, games, and much more. But never forget to bring a pair of headphones. They might not always be available on the plane.

8. Do creative writing

The silence and lack of distractions can turn long flights into an opportunity to become creative and write.

9. Learn a new language

You may download a language app like Duolingo or Babbel before your trip. Use the great advantage of the time you would have on the plane and learn the need-to-know phrases of the place you’re traveling to.

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10. Keep your hands busy

  • You can start a project of knitting, crocheting, or needlepoint.

  • You may download a photo editing app and get the photos on your phone ready to upload.

  • If you are sitting by the window, get the advantage of the view through it. Let your phone capture various views of the sky. 

  • You may make a meaningful holiday souvenir about the trip and attach it with glues in any ticket stubs, memorabilia, or flyers.

11. Talk with people 

Having a deep conversation with strangers might be a wonderful experience. They might be either flight attendants or seatmates. You would find it a good way to get travel tips for your destination and make friends as well.

12. Stretch out

Sitting in a tiny airplane seat may occur stress and tension to build in your muscles while traveling on a long flight. Passengers should stand up and stretch their muscles out at least once an hour during long flights. This motion would let you prevent stagnant blood pools from causing potential clots, for example, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT).

13. Keep the kids busy

One of the things parents freak about is how to keep their children busy during long trips. Lego sets might keep the kids occupied and happy onboard. Parents may give their children adventure books so that they would be focused on a paired activity.

14. Listen to a podcast

Choose an area of personal development and download the podcast episodes according to that. You would come off your flight getting enlightened.

15. Try something off your checklist

Last, but surely not least, why not try something off your checklist to spend your time on a long flight!

  • Write to someone a hand-written letter 
  • Make an origami 
  • Meditate
  • Write something to your future self

Long flight must-haves

Our non-exhaustive tips will make you survive your long-haul flight. Survive and thrive.

To beat boredom effectively, we advise you to mix the activities up, pace yourself, and don’t forget to stretch!

As well as things to do on a plane, there are also items you’ll need to increase your comfort.

Every flyers list for long plane ride must-haves will vary depending on personal interests, popular ones include:

  • Toiletries
  • Snacks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Warm clothes
  • Medicine
  • Eye mask and earplugs
  • Tech tools
  • Notebook, pen, and coloring pencils
  • Books and magazines

We are hopeful that the following tips would swipe away your restlessness and boredom at once.

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