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The Story Behind Jyeshthoputro

Published : 19 Apr 2019 04:48 PM | Updated : 06 Oct 2021 12:41 AM

Kaushik Ganguly’s upcoming film ‘Jyeshthoputro’ was originally conceived by the late Rituparno Ghosh at a very significant phase of Prosenjit Chatterjee’s life. Speaking about the genesis of the original story ‘Anya Nayak’ by Rituparno, an emotional Prosenjit revealed how the story idea came to Rituparno.

“The idea of ‘Jyeshthoputro’ was actually conceived after my mother’s death. When I was completing the usual rituals, Ritu stayed beside me for 7-8 days at my house,” Prosenjit said adding, “After all the rituals were done, Ritu told me every person has to maintain two entities, for me it were of a superstar and the elder son of a family.”

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The Tollywood star also revealed how Rituparno Ghosh closely followed all the happenings when he was fulfilling the duties of an elder son and maintaining his star image even at the funeral.

“In fact, I still remember my friends at the media came a bit late and requested me to pose beside my mother’s photo so that they could take some pictures,” said Prosenjit.

The actor-producer added at that particular moment he couldn’t be the elder son, he had to maintain his celebrity image: “I had to shut all my deepest sorrows, emptiness and pain for that moment.” And this was the fundamental ground that pushed Rituparno Ghosh to pen a story.