The rigidity of our education system

Bangladesh recently has achieved almost 100 percent enrolment in the primary level education and it needs no mentioning that such statistic bears the testimony of our remarkable success in the field of primary education. However, at the same time it is also true that we have lagged behind immensely in terms of ensuring quality in education.

When we think about our education system of Bangladesh, one thing that comes into our mind first is rigidity. Education should not only focus on equipping the students with textbook knowledge but also it should emphasis on developing our students in a pragmatic way so that they will be able to pursue their career according to their preferences.

In Bangladesh, it is widely believed that getting a remarkable grade in examination is the bedrock of a good future. But academic education should not only focus on disseminating information but also it should focus on kindling thirst for knowledge. Our education system has long been in dire need of overhauling. Majority of the students in Bangladesh finds it hard to get a good job because of the inconsistency between the education system and job market.

The government provide books at free of cost but these books are not well-organised. As a student of grade-10 of NCTB background I must say that the readers feel a severe mental pressure while reading such books. We need to read a whole passage of 50-60 lines to find a mere piece of information.

In developed countries, it is mandatory for a student to pick up some extra-curricular activities like voluntary work, writing research paper, computer programming and so on. But this aspect is overlooked by the educational institutions in Bangladesh. As a result we do not get a proper picture of the complex mechanism of the present world. It is time to rewrite the academic textbooks of primary and secondary level in a much more compelling and organised way so that our students can develop the qualities required to study in foreign universities. Last but not least, in order to improve the quality of education we should incorporate a strategic and well-researched curriculum.

Mahdin Bin Amin a student of Grade-10