The plot must be thwarted

Published : 20 Jan 2024 09:31 PM

Countrymen are really excited and eagerly waiting to watch the maiden session of the 12th parliament scheduled to begin on January 30. People want to see how do the Members of Parliament (MPs) of their respective constituencies  perform and speak boldly for the development and betterment. of the people and area.

They believe the lawmaker will work for them  and ensure that balanced development is done in their areas. Besides, the people expect the MPs will also raise their voice against misdeeds, corruption, militancy, drugs and conspiracies.

On January 7, the 12th JS election was held in 299 seats. Bangladesh Awami League (AL) won 222 seats, Jatiya Party won 11 seats and independent candidates 62 seats, partners of the Awami League-led 14-party combine -Workers Party and Jatiya Samajtantrik Dal (JSD) got one seat each. The newly-elected parliamentarians took their oaths of office on Jan 10. The 11th national parliament sat for its first session on Jan 30, 2019. According to the law, their term ends on Jan 29.

AL President and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has been reelected as the leader of the house unanimously for the 12th parliament while Jatiya Party has nominated its Chairman GM Quader as the leader of the opposition. The Jatiya Party was the main opposition party in the last two parliaments.

Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s daughter Sheikh Hasina fostered democracy overcoming various obstacles. 

However, having failed in foiling the national polls, BNP and some elements are now hatching fresh conspiracy to create anarchy across the country ahead of the maiden session of the 12th parliament. They are plotting to create an unusual situation even after the peaceful January 7 national parliamentary elections.

We think their only target is to oust Sheikh Hasina government. The BNP has now turned into an enemy of people.

BNP and some elements are now 

hatching fresh conspiracy to create

 anarchy across the country ahead

 of the maiden session of the 12th parliament

It is needed to ensure security to important installations when a country is attacked by external enemies. Now we have to provide security to protect those from the attack of BNP. 

The party (BNP) is trying to corner the new government through terrorism and conspiracy. Therefore, their ill efforts must be dealt with iron hand and they must be resisted. It is clear to all that BNP does not want development of the country and its people. The party wants to push back the country to a poverty-stricken one.

We think it is not saner politics, rather it is evil politics. BNP is patronising the communal forces in the country. The party still encourages arson terrorists since the BNP is killing people in the name of movement. BNP has completely lost the character of a political party as its top leader is promoting vandalism asking party leaders to carry out arson attacks.

We think all MPs comprising ruling and opposition parties and independents must remain alert so that none can foil the country’s democratic progress. Countrymen cast vote in favour of their respective candidates in the general elections for continued development and progress of Bangladesh.

Therefore, all have to be remained cautious so that none can foil the country’s ongoing development progress or make the parliament and government dysfunctional as well. That is why we must move forward on the path of flourishing democracy despite having conspiracies and obstacles. 

We must say democratic progress will continue in the country because of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s bravery. Even after the elections, terrorists identified under the leadership of BNP are hatching plots.

The newly elected MPs’ highest priorities should be the welfare of the people and thwart any anti-state or anti-democratic plot. The lawmakers will work to fulfil the hope and aspirations of the common people.