The grandfather clock strikes back

In the age of smartphones, have clocks gone the way of the dodo? Maybe. There was a time when a clock at home was a must – be it a digital bedside one, a wristwatch or the wall-mounted clock. But if there’s one timekeeper you need to bring back to you home, it’s the portentous grandfather clock. Where’s the space, you ask? It has to start from your heart. A grandfather clock is a timeless piece of décor that is bound to up the interest quotient of your house and give it character.

The romanticism of the bygone era is locked in the mechanism of this clock. The clock’s rhythm is emotional, as the moods of time change. With its noisy pendulum, it’s a reminder of your life’s pace!

Time Tickers

The term ‘grandfather clock’ became popular in 1875. The modern clock has had a makeover – it’s glossy in brass and steel. If vintage home décor is your go-to style, this piece is a must for your space. Grandfather clocks are modern and also traditional. There are clocks with different chimes, different winding styles, with vibrant models of case.

The grandfather clock is a tall, floor-standing clock that was passed down from one generation to the next as a family treasure. A traditional clock will have Roman numerals and pendulums. Interior designer Lipika Sud says, “The grandfather clock is more than just a timepiece, it’s an heirloom with fine craftsmanship and a cherished possession – and not every house is ideal for this type of clock.” But she advises that with a little rearranging, you should be able to find some space.

Is it for you?

If you want a floor clock, get it engraved with a brass plate with your family name and create your own heirloom piece. Grandfather clocks tick loudly, and also sound their presence by regularly chiming – quite like clockwork. If you’re a light sleeper, it may not be for you. It can be digital or analog, but both need to be set manually. The clock is ticking, what are you waiting for?

Clock Feng Shui

- The ideal wall to place grandfather clock is north and northeast. Don’t place or hang a clock on the south, southeast or southwest wall – it brings ill health and luck

- Make sure never to place clock near the entrance door

- It is vital to keep the time accurate or else you will always be lagging behind in your goals

- If stopped or spoilt, get these clocks repaired or replaced instantly. Stopped watches and clocks if displayed, symbolically bring stagnation

- Broken or cracked glass of a clock should be replaced as it’s bad luck.