The enemy within

Infiltrators in political parties

Following countrywide drive against corrupt elements in some affiliated bodies of Awami League, and subsequent arrest of some front ranking leaders of Jubo League, the previous identity of many of them and their past misdeeds have finally become public. Investigations proved that Jubo League leader Khaled was once a cadre of Freedom Party. It was revealed that Khaled was one of the members of the team that had launched an armed attack on the resident of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina in 1989. The attack was aimed at killing her.

It is no more a mystery now as to how Khaled had found his way into Jubo League and rose to such prominence. He became an underworld don and ran a number of casinos in the city. Many top leaders used to receive money from him on a regular basis. One wonders what good was he for the Jubo League, the organisation?

Similarly, Lokman was a cadre of BNP and a security chief of Khaleda Zia. Later, he became a top executive of Bangladesh Cricket Board with the blessings of a top level Awami Leaguer. He was also a casino operator and gambler of a renowned sporting club. In the recent killing of BUET student Abrar, it was revealed that out of 13 students who were arrested by the police on Tuesday, three (3) were involved in Jamaat-Shibir politics in the past.

 Here again the question that comes to the fore is what kind of screening is done by the Jubo League and Chhatra League highest body before giving membership to questionable characters and students in the organisations. If their past could be learned now, why was it not checked before they were taken in? The pertinent question is, have these turncoats been planted deliberately inside Awami League, Jubo League and Chhatra League by their previous party bosses so that they can damage the party image from inside?

Then there is the security aspect that has to be taken into serious consideration. The presence of such two-faced corrupt elements in Jubo League and Chhatra League who remained in close proximity of the PM in political rallies and big meetings raises the question on the safety of the PM.

Investigation should be launched as to who had given them shelter in Jubo Lague and Chhatra League despite their dark background. There is strong rumor in the country that some unscrupulous high-ups in Awami League had given them AL ticket in exchange of huge sums little caring about the safety and security of the leaders.

This is the high time for the highest authorities to scrutinize the background of each and every member of Jubo League, Chhatra League and other affiliated bodies of Awami League. If former Chhatra Dal, Shibir and Freedom Party cadres are found to be lurking in AL, they should be identified and thrown out immediately before they can damage the party any further.