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The Courtyard at Park Heights Luxury amidst nature

Published : 19 Nov 2019 09:37 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 10:20 PM

Amidst the daily hustle and bustle, The Courtyard at Park Heights is an elegant lounge-inspired space to indulge into a lively get-together.
This place stands out for its privileged location, in the heart of Dhanmondi and close to Foreign Embassies, Ministries and Private Enterprises. By opening the door you will fall under the unique and original open air charm in a flowery patio and where the sound of water gives the tempo to this very charming house.

The Courtyard is an ideal place for individuals and groups. The wooden interior, warm lighting, works of art hanging amidst greenery and flowers and magical lights adorn the place with a comforting touch of the nature. It brings the sense of awe and calmness for the guests to relax and letting nature play its course for a while.

Ahmmadur Rahman, the Brand Manager of Courtyard said, “This coalescence of spaces and of purposes would teleport guests into a distant wonderland that is available in no other space in the capital. As soon as you enter the door, you will find yourself in a convivial space. Our cuisines are inspired only by quality and seasoned products. It is fresh, spontaneous and light. The concern for nutritional balance also proposing bold choices, through its ‘Chef’s dishes, for those who seek to eat differently. ”

The creative cuisine of the Courtyard, elaborated from the fresh products is a visual delight and taste. An innovative cuisine, a light alchemy that mixes flavours, colours and scents. The restaurant is open daily for lunch and dinner. They has a vast food menu which includes majorly Continental, Oriental and Indian food. They do serve lip smacking appetizers like Thai Soup (BDT 250), Roasted Beef Dim Sum (BDT 300), Tandoori Chicken Kathi Roll (BDT 275), Signature Fries (BDT 100), Alfredo Pasta (BDT 425). But the star of the show is their drool worthy Chicken Fuchka (BDT 150).

Among mains, Mexican Chicken Rice Bowl (BDT 375) is packed with juicy golden chicken and hearty dressing is healthy, filling and flavourful. The delicious Chicken Tikka Kebab with Naan (BDT 325) gives a vibe of full-on Indian feast. Tender, juicy, the most aromatic Greek Chicken Grills (BDT 400) marinated in different spices is packed with flavours of the Mediterranean. Along with these their Green Apple Signature Soda (BDT 150) or Blueberry Frappe (BDT 350) are worth mentioning. We finished up on a sweet note with Mango Pistachio Kulfi (BDT 250) and Nutella Waffle (BDT 250).

Well all the delicacies served strikes a balance between sophistication and gratification. So, plunge into the aromatic greenery merged with the luscious food, marinated with cool breeze serving such subtle choice to spoil you very often. The Courtyard at Park Heights is another scenic wonder for your eyes to feast on.

Place - Bay's Park Heights, House 2,
Road 9, Dhanmondi, Dhaka 1205
Pocket Pinch – BDT 1200 for
two (approx)
Opening Hours - Sun
to Sat (12pm to