The country and its reality

Published : 19 Dec 2021 08:33 PM

Those who killed the intellectuals, doctors, engineers, scientists, journalists, artists i.e., the real wealth of the nation in 1971 in cold blood have still been threatening our independence and sovereignty. They in disguise of religion still now talk almost in the same language as they talked in 1971. They used to say that to protect Islam they need to protect Pakistan. But time has proved that they killed 3 million Bengalis (mostly Muslims) to protect Islam. But they failed because people did not believe them. In independent Bangladesh Islam has now stronger than it was in East Pakistan. The evil member of the Badar Bahini killed people like J. C. Deb, Dr. Rabbi, Munir Chowdhury, Doctor Alim and many other intellectuals. What a catastrophe it was! They took the intellectuals blind folded to Rayer Bazar killing ground and killed them brutally only few days before 16 December. Those who killed them are the son of this soil. The intellectuals they killed are the worthy son of the nation. Had they been alive now they could contribute a lot in their respective field? I am not talking about 3 millions who had been killed brutally for no offence. Their only offence is patriotism and love for the country and commitment to the nation. They were capable enough to lead the nation to help the government develop the country. Many of them were personally acquainted with the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. They had regular contact with him. Bangabandhu used to consult them on national issues. 

The country is free now but not free from the scourge of anti-liberation elements. Again they are active to use religion and communalism to implement their fundamentalist design. Bangabandhu tried to build a nation free from communalism and sectarian issues. He framed a constitution for the country immediately after the independence in 1972 that guaranteed not only the fundamental rights but also rights of religion for all communities. Secularism was the basic principle of governing the state. The followers of each religion enjoy equal rights in the country. But all the religious fundamentalists of East Pakistan sided in favour of Pakistan which could not accept their defeat in 1971. They started hatching conspiracy to destabilize independent Bangladesh. The anti-liberation fundamentalist forces joined hands with the underground political parties and so-called believers’ scientific socialism who formed Gano Bahini. They declared `war’ against the democratic rule of Bangabandhu. As a part of their evil design to oust the government of Bangabandhu, they took part in looting, arson, killing of parliament members and attacking the house of home minister. Bangabandhu took stringent measures against them and brought the country under complete control. He then declared his second revolution to expedite the task of reconstruction of the country. 

It is  time to uproot these 

enemies of independence. All 

the pro-liberation forces must come forward 

unitedly to resist their nefarious activities

When the country was heading towards stability the counter-revolutionary forces in connivance with anti-liberation forces killed Bangabandhu. After coming to power General Zia changed the constitution and made it pro-religious one. He inserted Bismillah in the constitution to please the fundamentalist forces not for establishing Islam but for creating a congenial atmosphere for his governance. He allowed the anti-liberation Jammat to do politics and brought back Ghulam Azam. It was actually a design to rehabilitate the anti-liberation forces and the criminals of the country in politics. The subsequent governments of General Ershad and Begum Zia followed the same path of ruling the country making a partnership with anti-liberation forces with a view to clinging to power. The anti-liberation forces consolidated their strength during the 21 years rule of Zia, Ershad and Begum Zia. After 21 years of struggle Sheikh Hasina, the daughter of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman took over power in 1996. In 2008 election she won with absolute majority and since then she has been ruling the country for over 12 years from 2009 to 2021. She has been administering country with unprecedented pace of development throug­hout the whole period of her governance leading the country to the highest position of glory. Magnificent development has been achieved in every field. Power generation increases to 25000-megawatt, per capita income is now $2254. Before pandemic the GDP was 8.2 percent and now over 5.2 percent amidst pandemic situations. There has been a lot of progress in the communication sector. The inflation was two digits and it’s now below 5.2. Bangladesh is now in second position in garment exports, 4th in fish production, 5th in vegetables production. It has launched its own satellite in space. Bangladesh is far advanced in health, education, poverty alleviation and women empowerment.

The global survey conducted by HSBC revealed that the position of Bangladesh in the global economy would be 26th from the present 42nd.            

When the country has reached the said stage of development the anti-liberation fundamentalist forces have again raised their heads high. They have committed mayhem in Brahamanbaria, Narayangonj, Sylhet, Cumilla and many other places of the country. BNP-Jamaat has also been patronizing them. These notorious enemies of independence want to reverse the country’s development. They had earlier repeatedly tried to kill Sheikh Hasina. She narrowly escaped. But they are not sitting idle. It is  time to uproot these enemies of independence. All the pro-liberation forces must come forward unitedly to resist their nefarious activities. 

Dr S A Malek is former political adviser to the Prime Minister and Member of Parliament, general secretary of Bangabandhu 

Parishad and columnist