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‘That sounds amazing, but I’m dead…’

Published : 11 Dec 2021 08:35 PM | Updated : 14 Dec 2021 06:09 PM
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Keanu Reeves talks about his reaction when he was first asked to return for a new Matrix film. The actor, who plays the role of Neo in the iconic sci-fi trilogy, has reprised it after 18 years. Directed by Lana Wachowski, ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ will hit the theatres and HBO Max on 22nd December and will see Carrie-Anne Moss, Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, Jada Pinkett Smith, Daniel Bernhardt, Priyanka Chopra, and more.

Fans are excited to see the film, especially considering the ending of the final Matrix film from the trilogy. It isn’t just them who were shocked at first to hear the news, even Reeves himself was as surprised as anyone else.

Recently, Keanu Reeves joined Graham Norton as he tuned in virtually to ‘The Graham Norton Show’ to discuss the return of the sci-fi franchise. ‘The Matrix Resurrections’ will see Neo’s resurrection, and the actor speaks about the same. He details his shock at being asked to return to play a deceased character. “Hopefully, people will enjoy it – it’s very exciting, and it was an extraordinary experience to make it,” Reeves said while talking about the movie.

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The actor confessed that he had the same question as everyone else. “When the director asked me what I thought about doing another Matrix film, I said, ‘What? That sounds amazing, but I’m dead,'” Keanu Reeves said. He continued, “She was like, ‘Are you?’ and I said, ‘Do tell!’. She wrote a beautiful story, and I love playing the character. How I am alive will all be explained.”


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