Thakurgaon gets gift of Mujib Year

Street lights illuminating 6-km road

Street lights have been installed on the roads in Thakurgaon to ensure safety and reduce accidents as part of the gift of illuminated roads to the people of the district on the occasion of Mujib Year.

This has changed the night picture of the city. The project implementing agency, Roads and Urban Development Department, claims that these lights will play a role in preventing road accidents on 6 km roads of the district town.

Thakurgaon municipality started its journey in 1960 with an area of 8 sq km. Although street lights were supposed to be one of the civic amenities of the citizens, there were not many street lights here. 

To get rid of this situation, the Roads and Urban Development Department took up the project of installing street lights in the middle of the divider from the old bus stand of the city to Thakurgaon Road Baliadangi junction as a gift of Mujibvarsha.

Thakurgaon-1 Member of Parliament and former Water Resources Minister and Presidium Member Ramesh Chandra Sen's tireless efforts at an estimated cost of Tk 4 crore 16 lakh for the construction of 6 km road lights in the district town was started last August. Electricity has been provided to the road lights from the old bus stand to Govindnagar. It will take another 15 days to complete the rest of the work, said the Roads Department.

In half of the project, LED lights have already been installed on both sides of the road in 35 feet long GI pipes. The district town is getting brighter in the evening. The image of the night has changed with the flash of light. 

The citizens of the city have expressed their satisfaction.