Thailand ranks among top hospitable states conducted a poll recently across 29 countries where Thailand came out among the top nationalities who consider their country to be more hospitable than others, Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) reported.

Thailand along with Indonesia, Mexico, Taiwan and India are the top five countries where locals believe hospitality to be in their DNA, according to the research that conducted on 21,500 travellers from the 29 countries. Thailand stood out from among the 29, with Thai poll respondents confident their country had the 'host' factor being recorded at 85 per cent.

"In 2019, travellers are looking for new experiences and unique accommodation like a Thai traditional house, boat or tree house. Meanwhile they're looking to live like a local by staying at alternative accommodation types; such as villas, holiday homes and apartments," Parichat Haehnen, Regional Manager for Thailand and Indochina, said. described Thailand as "the perfect destination for travellers seeking to experience a warm welcome and immerse themselves in the local culture". 

This online research was carried out among a sample of 53,492 respondents across 31 markets. The respondents were 18 years or older, had to have travelled at least once in the past 12 months and be either the primary decision-maker or be involved in the decision-making of their travel.