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Textbooks ready for distribution

Published : 25 Nov 2019 09:33 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 07:08 PM

All are set to distribute free text books among the Primary and Secondary level students of the country.

More than 35.31 crore free textbooks would be distributed among the Primary and the Ssecondary level students on January 1 throughout the country for  2020 academic year.

“All preparations for distribution of free textbooks have been completed. We have already sent 98 percent textbooks to the upazila and district levels. Rest two percent will also be sent within a day or two,” Narayan Chandra Shaha, Chairman of National Curriculum and Textbook Board (NCTB) told Bangladesh Post on Monday.

NCTB sources informed, “ During the beginning of the printing of the textbooks, there was allegations against some printing companies regarding using of low quality paper, tender manipulations and a delayed process of printing which confused the concerned section as to whether the textbook printing would be completed within the stipulated time. But, after overcoming all those obstacles, the NCTB has received textbooks from printing presses within the schedule time. The NCTB and printing companies are now happy as they have done this massive task properly.”

The NCTB officials said, “The textbooks for 2020 have now reached to the district and the upazilas. NCTB officials will start field visit within one or two days to verify the quality and number of these books."

“If questions arise about the quality or the anomaly in number of textbooks, concerned district or upazila education officers will be liable for that because the the books were received by signing the concerned education officer."

While asked, M Shamsuddin, Director of Sunshine Model High School in Bahubal upazila of Habiganj said, “We have received all the textbooks according to the demand of the upazila. There is no space to store those books in the local warehouse. For this reason, some textbooks have already been sent to the schools.The books will be handed over to the students on the first day of January.”

A total of 35,31,54,638 of the textbook has been printed for the year 2020. Most of the books have already reached to district and upazila level, NCTB sources said.

Member of the NCTB (textbook) Prof Farhadul Islam said, “There is no problem with the book of 2020. Most of the books have already gone to different parts of the country. Rest of the book will reach within a short time.”

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