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Terrific THALI

Published : 07 Jan 2020 08:00 PM | Updated : 07 Sep 2020 04:50 PM
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Thali refers to a complete Indian meal in which a variety of dishes are served together on a large platter. The concept of thali has always been popular among foodies and the bigger a thali is the better the experience gets. Thali was introduced to offer all the tastes, from sweet to savoury, on a single plate. Generally, the dishes are served in small quantities in mini bowls.

Dhaka is blessed to get such a place that offer incredibly huge thalis. ‘Thali – House of Spices’, a brainchild of five foodie friends, is a multi-story Indian food durbar with grandeur of symmetrical architecture. This restaurant serves some amazing Indian cuisine. Some dishes are so good, like the Chicken Bharta (BDT 395) or the Afgan Murgh with Batoora (BDT 450), they will be forever etched in your memory. From Thali’s vast menu selected few items which dragged our attention.

From starters to desserts, Nasta Thali – Feast (BDT 1075) offers a variety of food like Alu Parata, Luchi, Chicken, Beef, Shabjee and so on… which can’t be finished by a single person. But, if you have a large appetite or are taking your friends along with you for breakfast, then this thali can be an ideal choice for you.

If you have a huge stomach, their jumbo platter Royal Thali (BDT 1995/2250) is the best option. It includes Pulao, Chicken or Beef Dum Biriyani, 8 pieces Chicken Reshmi Kebab, 4 pieces Angaar Chicken, 4 Pieces Chicken Sheekh Kebab, Egg Masala served with Raita Mix, Mango Pickle and Green Salad. This thali is enough for satisfying the hunger of 4 people. So, go and feed your whole family with just a single thali!

The Supreme Kebab Mix Platter (BDT 2475) serves the finest tasting kebabs starting from soft silky Hariyali Chicken Kebab, Reshmi Chicken Kebab, Beef Boti, Angaar Chicken, Paneer Tikka, Fish Tikka, Tangri Kebab to a lot more. Tender and juicy flesh flowing with spices is sure to make you gorge on every bit of it.

Thali’s special Dum Biryani (BDT 355/455/555) is a must have. It’s a fusion of our very own Kacchi Biryani and Hyderabadi Biryani. The aromatic, mouth watering biryani prepared with Chicken/Mutton/Beef sandwiched between layers of fragrant rice in a rich fusion of Indian flavours served with Egg Curry and Green Salad Mix is drooling.

Definitely try, Beef Vindalo (BDT 455), Mutton Kolhapuri (BDT 555), Shabjee Karai (BDT 315),  Palak Paneer (BDT 415) and Dal Makhani (BDT 375).

Go for their huge Thali Special Mix Platter (BDT 635), if feeling adventurous. Post this heavy meal you may not want to eat another bite but don’t miss out onto delicious desserts such as, Kesar Rabri (BDT 135), Firni (BDT 85), Kulfi (BDT 145), Lassi (BDT 185) and Gajar Halwai (BDT 185).

Staff offers a friendly yet attentive service, which totally transforms your dining experience. Menu is quite affordably priced at Thali, a huge reason for their success. The royal touch to the décor and food will surely make your day, and definitely, this place is worth your money and precious time. It’s hard to explain this grandiose ambiance, so better if you experience it yourself and spend some quality time here. Drop by to know more!

Place: Thali – House of Spices, Ahmad & Kazi Tower, Level 6, House 35, Road 2, Dhanmandi, Dhaka 1209

Pocket Pinch: BDT 750 for Two (approx)

Opening Hours: Breakfast (8am to 11:30am) Lunch/Dinner (1pm to 10:30pm)