Television dramas today

Due to the coronavirus, various drama and telefilm production houses have stopped shooting long ago. Before the lockdown, no new drama or film could be shot and as a result the channels prepared this Eid in a different way. A Mizan and Md Saifuddin Al Quaderi have written about these dramas.


At 6:10pm the serial drama ‘Rekha’ is going to be aired on Channel-i. The drama has been written by Pantha Shahriar and directed by Arif Khan. The drama stars Afzal Hossain, Aupi Karim and others.

Later at 7:45pm the drama ‘Fake ID’ will be aired. It was written by Maruf Rehman and directed by Nayeem Imtiaz Neyamul and stars Afran Nisho, Tasnia Faria and others.

Last show of the night is at 9:35pm with the drama ‘Bazikor’. It has been written by Faruk Hossain and directed by Salauddin Lavlu. The drama stars Mamunur Rashid, Kusum Sikder, Shahiduzzaman Selim, Joy Alauddin and others.

ATN Bangla

At 9:00 am the special drama 'Solemani Kalas' Written by Ali Imran, directed by Zahid Hasan is going to be broadcast. 

Later on at 8:20pm the special drama 'Julier Ditio Jibon’ is going to be aired. It has been written by Setu Arif and directed by Sakal Ahmed. The drama stars Nadia Mim, Manoj Pramanik and others.

At 9:20pm the serial drama 'Ananda Bhraman' will be aired. It has been written by Fazlul Selim, directed by Syed Shakil. The show stars AKM Hasan, Shabnam Faria, Saju Khadem, Urmila, Dr. Ejaz, Nabila Islam, Saberi Alam, Faruk Ahmed and others.


At 6:35 pm Eid special short break drama 'O My Darling' will be aired. It has been written by Muntaha Britta and directed by Rafat Majumdar Rinku. The drama stars Tousif Mahbub, Safa Kabir and others.

At 7:45 pm Eid short drama 'A Day Without Phone' is scheduled which has been directed by Mursalin Shuvo and stars Mosharraf Karim, Payel, Jui Karim and others.

At 8:40 pm Eid special seven-episode drama series 'Oh My God's’ episode-6 is scheduled. It has been written by Golpowala and directed by Tuhin Hossain. The drama stars Salauddin Lavlu, Safa Kabir, Tousif Mahbub among others.

Maasranga TV

At 9:00 pm the special drama ‘Onubhobe Antore’ will be aired. It has been written by Munna Rahman and directed by Hasan Rezaul. The drama stars Monir Khan Shimul, Sadia Islam Mou and others.

Later at 10:30 pm the serial drama ‘Goyenda Nur’ is scheduled to be aired. It has been written and directed by Hanif Palawan. The drama stars Zahid Hasan, Mamo, Tariq Swapan, Monira Mithu, Noor Alam Nayan among others.