Telemedicine becomes popular in pandemic

Telemedicine has now become a lifeline for many general patients in this winter season amid pandemic, say experts.

According to website, nearly 500 expert physicians are serving patients to telemedicine daily.

Public health experts said, “People are getting benefits from telemedicine as they don’t have to go out during the Covid-19. It is the best alternative to treatment during a pandemic. Corona patients are getting service and health advice through this alternative way.”

Public Health expert Dr Ahmed Hussain said, “Telemedicine is not new concept in health services. Fear of infection is a major obstacle between doctors and patients during the pandemic. Patients do not want to go to hospitals doctor's chambers considering the higher risk of infections. But they need treatment. So, healthcare and doctors’ advice over the phone have become popular.”

On the other hand, due to the lack of suitable environment and appropriate personal protective equipment, the doctors also have a fear of being infected from patients. However, they also want to continue medical services to maintain a social distancing.

Earlier, people used to take various advices on the telephone from prominent doctors. Now, people have started getting advice on diseases as well as prescriptions in text messages, Hussain added.

Bangladesh Medical Association (BMA) General Secretary Dr. Md. Ehteshamul Haque Chowdhury said that they have started providing online healthcare in most of the district branches of the country. 

“In most of the district branches, we have started providing health services through mobile phones, Facebook, webpages, online apps and Skype," he said.