Tele-drama ‘Private Huzur’ released on Youtube

Published : 18 Jan 2024 09:56 PM

Young television drama-maker Zia Uddin Alam has made a tele-drama titled 'Private Huzur,' based on a familiar story from our surroundings that has never made its way to the television screen before.

The story of the drama is penned by the director himself, while the script and dialogue are written by Shamim Shikdar. Jamil Hossain and Lamima Lam played the two main roles in the drama.

Regarding the drama, Zia Uddin Alam said, “We have heard the story of the private teacher or are familiar with the private teacher's narrative. However, we don't know the story of private ‘Huzur (the term is usually used to refer to a mentor who teaches the Arabic language at home). ‘Private Huzur’ is precisely such a drama—a story that many may know but has never been brought to the television screen. When the idea for the story came to my mind a few days ago, I shared it with Shamim Shikdar. He also enjoyed listening to the original story. After writing the script, the play took a very good shape, and then I produced the drama.”

“I felt that Jamil Hossain would be perfect to portray the character of Huzur as the story demands. That's why I made the drama with him and Lamima Lam as a student opposite him. Both of them have done a great job. I believe the drama will be liked by the audience very much,” the director added.

Jamil Hossain said, “The director has endeavoured to made the drama in accordance with the story. My character is also unique. I tried to fulfill my role very sincerely. I hope the audience will enjoy the drama.”

Lamima said, “I enjoyed working on the project under the direction of Zia Uddin Alam Bhai. The story is different, which is why I took on the role. I believe the audience will like it too because the audience wants to watch a drama with a slightly different story. ‘Private Huzur' is quite such a drama.”

Before this, several dramas directed by Zia Uddin Alam have gained great popularity. His latest drama, 'Kothin Prem,' has been well-received by the audience. Actress Alongkar Chowdhury has also captured the attention of viewers by appearing in it.