Teesta engulfs villages in Rangpur

Published : 25 Nov 2021 09:50 PM

The Binbina village is being wiped off the map by the catastrophic erosion of the Teesta River as the recent floods caused by heavy rains and mountain slopes have not subsided.

Due to heavy rains and the rising and falling of the Teesta water coming down from the upper reaches, the residents have lost their way due to river erosion. More than three hundred families living in Char areas have lost their homes including cultivable land and trees and are now in a destitute situation. Going to Binbina village on the spot, it can be seen that the flood situation has been improved already. However, the erosion of the Teesta River continues. In front of the eyes, houses, plants, bamboo bushes are disappearing in the river. 

The people there have been affected by floods and erosion from time to time. Hundreds of acres of arable land have been engulfed by the river. Families fleeing out of their homes to save themselves from the erosion. All in all, the village of Binbina has been reduced to rubble, locals said. Binbina village is about two kilometers north of the river from Kolkonda Union Parishad. There is no easy way to get to that char. People have to go across the river by boat. Roads have been destroyed by recent floods. People are living on the banks of the river with utensils, poultry and pillows and other household items protected from erosion. 

 Speaking to the affected families, it is learned that more than three hundred families including Ahmed Ali, Nergan, Akbar Ali, Montaz Kazi, Abul Kalam, Alimuddin, Imtiaz, Parveen Begum, Kamruzzaman, Milon Mia, Anwar Hossain of Binbina area have become homeless in the aftermath of the floods.

Surma Bewa (60) of Binbina village was getting into a boat with some chickens, a load of chalk and some dishes for unknown purpose. Like her, the helpless families are leaving the area after losing their homes and resources. They also said that the rest of the families are suffering from indecision due to fear of erosion.

Sohrab Ali Raju, chairman of the Kolkonda union, confirmed that the village of Binbina was wiped out by the erosion of the Teesta River. Floods and erosion of the Teesta have caused the most damage there.