Teenager claims to invent oxygen storing device

Published : 08 Jun 2021 08:33 PM

Taher Mahmud Tarif, an SSC examinee of Ishwardi Government Sara Marwari School and College in Pabna, claims to have invented a new technology to create and store oxygen from the air.

The device has been named ‘Oxygen Generator.’ With the financial and overall support of Ishwardi UNO office and his educational institution, it took about two months for Taher to build the oxygen generator.

Taher gave a detailed account of his invention and manufacture at the UNO office in Ishwardi at 11am on Tuesday. His associates two other students named Muntasir Shravan and Nihad Hasan were with him at that time. 

Among others teachers Ranjan Kumar Kundu, Maklesur Rahman, Golam Maula, Shahidul Islam Shahin, Farzana Yasmin, Matiur Rahman were present there.

Taher Mahmud Tarif elaborated on the introduction of the innovative oxygen generator and its effectiveness. He said it was created from his own thinking and with the addition of local technology generators, electric components. Oxygen can be made from air in ‘oxygen generators’. It can store up to 25 liters of oxygen. Oxygen can be applied to a person's body for up to seven hours through this generator. After a break of 5-10 minutes, oxygen can be applied again by running the oxygen generator for 6 hours. 

Adding that Tk 65 thousand has been spent to make the device, Taher sought the full cooperation of UNO PM Imrul Kayes to take necessary steps for testing in the laboratory of a government agency so that my invention Oxygen Generator would be effective.

Ishwardi's UNO PM Imrul Kayes said steps would be taken to test whether the oxygen generator was effective in various universities and government research institutes so that Tarif's invention could be a success.