Teen gangs active in Savar

Published : 23 Nov 2020 09:25 PM

A number of teen gangs have been active in different parts of Savar, on the outskirts of capital Dhaka, rising in crimes alarmingly and spreading fear among the parents over the future of their children. 

An investigation by The Bangladesh Post has found that the members of gang aged between 13 to 25 are often led a youth under and have committed crimes including murder and gang rape in the last two 2 years. They often work for local politicians and drug dealers to establish supremacy in the area.

Seeking anonymity, several residents, from Namagenda area of Savar municipality alleged that Alamgir, 28, and Anu, 32, of Namagenda Khalashipara area lead a gang and Tayem, Enamul, Shamim and several other youths operate another gang to carry out criminal activities. Both gangs have around 50 to 60 members.

Of the gang leaders, Shamim is involved in cannabis trade with locals something finding him carrying firearms.

One Masum Dewan operates another gang, which has 30 to 40 members aged between 13 to 28 years.

Residents of Banktown area alleged, a closest relative of a local influential politician leads a juvenile gang to maintain supremacy and protect trading interests including cable network and broadband internet businesses.

Several residents from Imandipur area alleged that Tanvir, 19, operates a gang, consisting of at least 50 teenage members, to protect the interest of a local narcotic dealer named Tuku.

Besides, Israfil, 22, Mishu, 18, Atik, 20, control a gang in Shahibag area of Savar municipality, Palak Khan, 22, leads another one in Chaplaain area,  Billal, 22, operates a gang in Ward No. 5 area, Munna operates a gang in Chayabithi area, Fatim 17, son of Anowar, and Sajib, 17, son of Moktar, lead another one in Saad School area of Rajashon. Ripon, Sujon, Rabbi, Arif, Dihan operate a gang in Jalpaibagan of Rajashon area, which is believed to have been carried out a murder in April last year.

Experts said lack of moral education and family supervision rises the teen’s involvement in crimes gangs.

“Lack of proper moral education, mutual respect, and family supervision mainly responsible for the social degradation since children are not being parented as it was before,” Ifrat Jahan, Assistant Director (Psychology) of Student Counseling and Guidance Center of Jahangirnagar University told the Bangladesh Post.

“Distances between parents and children are also rising in modern society harming children growth, eventually they are  stepping into crimes”, Jahan added.

Regarding juvenile crime, Salahuddin Khan Noyeem, general secretary of Savar Nagorik Committee told The Bangladesh Post, “They are not trained terrorists rather they all are our children. But they are become desperate due to lack of family supervision.” 

Besides, some politicians used these gang to gain their personal interests,” he said urging all to act to stop teen gang culture otherwise it will have terrible consequences in future.

“We all have to come forward to prevent adolescent involvement in crime and need to create an environment where our children can grow up in a healthy environment, need to arrange moral education, we have to teach them mutual respect, as well as they must be monitored,” Ifrat Jahan said.

“Obtainable internet accessibility is also a reason to misguide them. Moreover, family feud between parents, availability of money also affects them. So, we must avoid this kind of matter to keep our children on the right path, all the steps should start from family”, Ifrat Jahan added.

Maruf Hossain Sarder, superintendent of police in Dhaka district, told the Bangladesh Post said they have arrested many teenager following complaints or lawsuits. 

However, “we don’t have any specific information regarding any youth or juvenile gang for now. Legal action will be taken after receiving any complaint,” he assured.