Technology & Technical University to be set up at Mirsharai

AL candidate Ruhel in Chittagong-1 constituency pledges

Published : 28 Dec 2023 09:27 PM

Awami League (AL) candidate for Chittagong-1 constituency Mahbub Ur Rahman Ruhel, said that ‘Technology & Technical University will be established at Mirsharai.

Son of the current MP Engineer Mosharraf Hossain, Ruhel told this while campaigning in the upcoming 12th National Assembly elections (Chittagong-1 Mirsharai).  He urged the voters to go to polling centres and cast their votes.  He is a member of Chittagong North District Awami League and a presidium member of Amra Muktijoddha's Wards, Central Committee. He played a vital role in the overall development of Mirsharai on behalf of his father.  

On Thursday, Mirsharai upazila unit held public meetings in different unions including Ichakhali.

In the campaign, Ruhel highlighted the country's development activities and various promises to get the support of Awami League, Jubo League, Chhatra League, Sramik League, Swachhasebak League, Mahila League as well as non-political organizations and voters.

Ruhel said, “The employment opportunity for the youth will be increased. Mirsharai is emerging as Asia's largest economic region. Thousands of people will get employment here.  The image of the area will change. The people here will enjoy its benefits. I will establish technical educational institutes for jobs in economic zones, so that the youth get jobs here by becoming skilled. He expressed the hope that he would take initiative to establish a technology university and a technical university in Mirsharai”.

He said, “The love presented to my father by the people of Mirsharai, I would like to serve you.  My father devoted himself for the people of Mirsharai for 54 years.  I also want to be with the common people like my father.  I want to walk in the path shown by my father. I want to be a partner in the development activities of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. There is no alternative to Sheikh Hasina for the development of Bangladesh. You can see with your own eyes numerous examples of development including the dream Padma Bridge, Bangabandhu Tunnel, Metrorail, Elevated Expressway. Once people of Bangladesh could not imagine these things.  But they are real today.  Therefore, to continue this trend of development, Sheikh Hasina should be made the Prime Minister again.  Family members, neighbours, relatives are invited to the polling centres to vote for boat in an orderly manner”.

Mr Ruhel held public meetings in Osmanpur Union, Ichakhali Union and expectations are growing among the voters.

He said, Mirsharai Economic Zone or Bangabandhu Shilpanagar is being established in this Ichakhali with half the size of Singapore on 33000 acres.  Three million people will be employed in the next few years.  During the establishment of this economic zone, my father engineer Musharraf prepared its map and feasibility study report.  That empty investment has become its heart.

During the morning meeting held in the various wards of this union, which has about 28000 voters, there was great enthusiasm among the voters for Ruhel's thinking.  Mahbub Ur Rahman Ruhel, a candidate for Chittagong-1 Mirsharai Constituency, is one step ahead in the campaign.

Election campaign festival is everywhere. Awami League candidate Ruhel and his workers-supporters are going to the voters from the streets to the alleys and roads.  They are spending busy days with various programs including mass communication with voters, processions, miking, road meetings, domestic meetings, courtyard meetings, exchange meetings.  Giving various promises of development to the voters.

Before this, mother Ayesha Mosharraf and sister Tahmina Rahman and present MP father engineer Mosharraf Hossain started campaigning for Awami League's nominated candidate Mahbub Rahman Ruhel in Chittagong-1 constituency. They went to people's houses throughout the day in Mirsharai constituency and sought votes for the boat symbol.  

Awami League's presidium member and former minister Engineer Mosharraf Hossain decided not to contest the election this time after the party's parliamentary board nominated his son Ruhel.

Chittagong-1 (Mirsharai) constituency, the former upazila chairman Gias Uddin is fighting in the polling field with the Eagle symbol in the competition with the Boat candidate Mahbub Rahman's Ruhel.  Also Mohammad Emdad Hossain Chowdhury- Jatiya Party (Plough), Md Abdul Manna- Islamic Front Bangladesh (Chair), Md Yusuf, Bangladesh Nationalist Front-BNF (Television), Md Nurul Karim Abshar, Bangladesh Supreme Party-BSP (Ektara), Sheikh Zulfikar Bulbul Chowdhury, Bangladesh Muslim League-BML (Hat Panja).

 Its known that Engineer Mosharraf Hossain, father of Mahbub Ur Rahman Ruhel, was MNA in the 1970 election and was elected a member of parliament from Mirsharai seat for a total of seven times as an Awami League candidate including the 11th national parliament election held in 2018.  He was also in charge of two important government ministries.  Currently, he is serving as a presidium member and one of the members of the nomination board of Awami League.