Teamwork amongst people is key to combating coronavirus

Help each other to overcome this crisis

The unity amongst humans was not achieved over a single moment. It took numerous battles and hardships that had to be overcome to form a bond that is what now called humanity. This unity has now been brought to face a crisis which is embodied in the form of coronavirus. 

In this disastrous situation the prime minister has called for forging a collective global partnership and greater unity to fight the coronavirus pandemic. Without a doubt this proposal is a new set of ideas that if realized properly has the potential to bring forth positive change for the country and the whole world in future. 

Now is a time when the wellbeing of the 

public comes first and foremost to establish 

a way through which this crisis can be overcome.

Now is a time when the wellbeing of the public comes first and foremost to establish a way through which this crisis can be overcome. Through supporting the poor and getting back the economy to pre-coronavirus levels is the first step to proving the value of lives during this pandemic. 

She has also put forth the point of the need to devise strategies and practical support measures by global brands within supply chains so that countries like Bangladesh can adapt efficiently to get the economy in the upward direction. Furthermore, it is encouraging to know that around 3.5 billion dollars have been allocated for agriculture to cope with adverse impact resulting from the supply chain disruption. 

The points that have been put forth by the prime minster are a great blueprint to the steps of overcoming this crisis moment caused by coronavirus. However, other than that the most important thing during a disaster is the morale of common people. If coronavirus disaster is really a war, then we have to keep our morale high. If the people of the country come forward with courage, then surely we will be able to overcome such a disaster.